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Description of franchise system

Union Ergonomics helps people to work better.

Whether pencil pusher or craftsman - they all suffer from health issues due to their working conditions. Union Ergonomics is the solutions to this problem. Our ergonomics services make workers more energetic, less tired, and help them to stay healthy.

We can effectively reduce knee and back pain, sore feet and any other musculoskeletal disorder caused by working conditions. Union Ergonomics identifies and eliminates hazards that contribute to on-the-job injury. We provide ergonomics supplies that make sure people work better and their bodies are effectively protected during work.

The Union Ergonomics services include:

  • injury prevention
  • safety education
  • safety certificates
  • occupational health education and training
  • orthopedic, medical and ergonomics supplies
  • ergonomics assessment
  • free health services for wife/husband and children under 19

Our mission is to become the standard of excellence in our industry. To us, our success is defined by the number of people whose work quality we can improve.

We don't need a prescription and we accept everyone with private health plans. Union Ergonomics has a great media coverage and our health improving services are often mentioned on TV or in newspapers. 

At the moment, workers still have to wait quite a while before they obtain an appointment, because our services are in such a great demand. To reduce the waiting time for our patients, we are looking for motivated franchisees, who want to open an Union Ergonomics clinic. 

Our goal is to open an Union Ergonomics clinic in every corner of this planet!

Franchise concept

Help people to work better

If you want to help, make the world a healthier place by opening your own Union Ergonomics clinic, we will gladly welcome you as a franchisee! Our franchise concept is a unique system with low start-up costs and a very affordable franchise fee.

To help you succeed with our proven concept, you will receive a full training and ongoing support by our dedicated team. Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of running a Union Ergonomics business. From ergonomic knowledge to marketing and -

By joining the Union Ergonomics franchise network, you will secure your future with a profitable business.

Our franchise network is build on the hard work of our motivated franchisees, who will gladly support you and share their experience and expertise with you.

As a Union Ergonomics franchisee, you will help workers improve their working conditions. People will visit your clinic on appointment.

Franchise partner profile

Start working better yourself

Everyone with a passion for helping people can join our franchise network -  regardless of your previous career. You don't need to be a medical or health professional and you don't need to have experience in running a business.

All you need to bring is a dedication to providing outstanding service to working people with health issues. If you want to join our successful franchise network, contact us today and start working better!

Union Ergonomics

ergonomics services

Open website

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