Titan Motorcycle Co.

manufacturer of premium motorcycles

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Description of franchise system

High-tech for down-to-earth pleasure

We are manufacturer of premium motorcycles with a distribution network all over the globe. Titan Motorcycles is specialized in building custom tailored, premium motorcycles and selling clothes, accessories, and all parts related to the motorcycle industry.

We're proud that our brand is widely recognized by motorcycle lovers all across the globe . Titan Motorcycles also looks out for new, aesthetic trends, engineering innovations and technological updates in the motorcycling industry worldwide.

One foundation of our success are the great business relationships we maintain with our vendors, grass roots event organizers and affiliated charities.

We have recently built a new, state-of-art production facility where we continue to set trends for the motorcycling industry. We are building all of our motorcycle models only on a limited production schedule. Our production schedule is maintained based on ordering patterns from our dealers. This is one of the many reasons, why Titan Motorcycles is one of the most stable companies in the industry.

All of our bikes are hand built by the best motorcycle builders on the planet. Our strong management team carefully directs our winning team of the most experienced designers and engineers in the industry.
All of this results in premium motorcycles that motorcycle lovers all over the planet highly appreciate.

Franchise concept

A franchise concept built from titan

We're proud to offer you a well rounded franchise concept.
Our company structure allows you to operate your business on a no pressure basis.

When you decide to join the Titan Motorcycle franchise network, we'll start our journey by figuring out, where you want to be with your business in five years. We'll then create a personal business plan for you , based on your goals and the ways, we can support you in reaching this goals.

To us, it is important that you can present our models in a proper atmosphere. This means, that you will only keep a minimal level of clothing, accessories and motorcycles in your store .

In  contrast to most other franchisors, we'll also help you with financing your business dreams. Titan Motorcycle has developed a special financing program for dealers.

Our promise is that we will always do what we can to promote our brand, the sale of our products and the Titan Motorcycle lifestyle.
Our expertise and experience is at your disposal whenever you might need it.

Franchise partner profile

What it takes to become a Titan Motorcycler

We are looking for individuals who have a passion for motorcycles and people. You need to be a business minded sales person who is able to lead and motivate a team. 

Our company has high values and we want our franchisees to maintain them. The device, that we always keep in mind is: "Your father has worked 80 hours a week, so you could have a better life. Don't disappoint him."

If you can relate to this and want to make your passion for motorcycles a profession, contact us for more information.

Titan Motorcycle Co.

manufacturer of premium motorcycles

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