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Description of franchise system

It is time to start the pet revolution! Tail Blazers is a store where pet lovers buy wholesome food and treats, a wide variety of high quality supplements, accessories and lots more!
Most pets suffer from illnesses that are all diet related in humans. This is why every pet guardian should look at what they feed their loved ones. But, there are still several great companies that are health minded and produce high quality food .

There are also more and more immune system deficiencies in dogs and cats including allergies, which is due to the animals being fed a poor quality diet. That's why we also offer nutritional supplements, which will help to give the immune system a boost.

Our stores only carry quality products that have been researched and approved by our company. The Tail Blazers standards are kept high to be able to provide only the best for our customers and their pets.

The natural pet health segment is a new industry that will parallel the human health food industry but will move much faster. Natural pet health is an endlessly fascinating industry, that attracts supportive and enthusiastic customers. Trends and statistics show that the natural pet industry is thriving even during this economy.

We want to improve the health of our pets by opening up as many Tail Blazers stores as possible!

Franchise concept

It is an incredibly rewarding experience to see the dramatic changes in pets on a daily basis, after making some necessary adjustments. Imagine, this could be your daily work!

As a Tail Blazers franchisee , you will also research and approve new high quality products for your own store.

You can purchase a Tail Blazers franchise business either as an owner-operator or as an investor. And if your business performs extraordinarily well, you can of course also open more than just one Tail Blazers stores.

We will help you find the perfect location for your Tail Blazers franchise business based on market demographics, area population, local name recognition, and many other variables. Our supportive staff is experienced in choosing and negotiating prime leased space and they will be right at your side to help you find the best and most affordable location.

Our turn-key franchise package includes leasehold improvements, furniture and fixtures, equipment, supplies and initial inventory, opening advertising, and signs. Of course, your success depends on your personal ability and commitment as a businessperson, but we will do everything to help you explore your full potential .

Before you open your Tail Blazers store, you and one member of your team will undergo an orientation course and our comprehensive training program to acquaint you with the Tail Blazers operation.

Franchise partner profile

If you love animals and care about their health, then contact us to find out more about how you can combine your passion for pets with operating your own franchise business!

Take the first step in getting to know each other today!

Tail Blazers

food store for pets

Open website

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