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community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives

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Description of franchise system

We are an organization that specializes in community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives .

All SNAP publications are photographically rich, and free to consumers. Our media vehicles showcase the life, entertainment and overall spirit of each and every community in which we operate. Our business model is designed to emphasize customer service and relationship building.

It is important to notice that SNAP is not a newspaper business. Instead, we are a media, marketing and relationship business. We don't publish ordinary newspapers, but we create a monthly community “year-book?.  SNAP is technologically savvy, focuses on the community and generates results for our advertising partners.

We are perfectly positioned for future growth and the market potential for SNAP is huge as a SNAP franchise can successfully operate in each and every community!

Franchise concept

The SNAP franchise opportunity is not only unique, but also fun and lifestyle enriching. With a  SNAP franchise, you can achieve a tremendous financial upside, while also making an impact for your advertising partners.

The central component of your SNAP franchise business will be the monthly publication of a SNAP branded magazine, with a friendly and entertaining photographic view of living in your community.

Your publication will cover everything of local interest including home, business, birthday and surprise parties, sporting events, business openings, sales and events, festivals and concerts, people on the street, parades, and daily life.

This local content will also be included on local websites, and may be used in conjunction with new forms of media. As a SNAP franchisee, you will act as a hub for serving the public relations, marketing, advertising, and networking needs of your community. You will soon become a trusted tool to connect people and sell goods and services within your community.

As a franchisee, you will attend positive and up-lifting events all over your community each month. You will be taking photos, having fun and capturing the life and entertainment that exists all around us.  

We have developed a comprehensive and centralized customer relationship management software that will assist you with the ongoing coordination and management of your business. This application was built to make the entire process of running a SNAP franchise as simple as possible for you.

Our training program was designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills required to become a successful SNAP franchisee.

Franchise partner profile

You don't need to bring any previous to run a successful SNAP franchise business. But what you will need is an interest in people, your community, marketing and sales.

We are looking for individuals with an understanding of general business principles and a satisfactory financial rating.

If you can demonstrate a strong desire to own and operate your own successful business, please contact us right now to start down the SNAP path of capturing life and entertainment within your community!

SNAP Newspaper

community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives

Open website

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