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pizza maker and caring company

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Description of franchise system

We deliver great pizza. Pizza Pizza is a restaurant, pizza maker and caring company. We provide a flavorful, varied and high-quality menu to customers of all ages and tastes.

We are a leader in the quick service segment and our company is one of the top foodservice organizations. With an continuously growing menu selection, we continue to serve people on the go who are not willing to sacrifice taste for quality and balanced options. In the last year alone, we have fulfilled more than 28 million orders!

Our goal is to always serve the best food and provide the best service in everything we do. Pizza Pizza customers value the quality of the service , product and experience we offer and they love the freshness of our ingredients.

Currently, we operate more than 637 successful Pizza Pizza restaurants. We have a modern restaurant system , with approximately 99% of our restaurants either new or substantially renovated during the past five years. This is why customers are so comfortable at Pizza Pizza.

We enjoy strong brand awareness in the market and a proven track record of innovation.

Our ordering system is modern and efficient. Our call centers digitalize each order and we also offer internet ordering capabilities.

We are a menu innovator, who is focusing on a high food quality and is continuously responding to consumer trends with new product offerings such as multi-grain and trans fat-free dough.

Pizza Pizza is perfectly positioned to continue to build presence in the pizza segment. This is the perfect time to join our successful franchise network!

Franchise concept

When you decide to join our Pizza Pizza franchise network, you will receive an extraordinarily high level of services and operational support.

Our central food distribution centre will provide all food and non-food items used in daily restaurant operations , and our monitoring systems will ensure high product and service quality.

We have developed a centrally managed renovation or re-imaging program, that allows for the continuous renewal of the Pizza Pizza concept. This way, our concept and your restaurant will always stay on top of the competition.

We devote substantial resources to the support of our franchisees . You will receive comprehensive training programs, product supply and quality initiatives. Our training includes entrepreneurial training, general management, operation of your restaurant, customer service, financial management and cooking skills.

We seek to develop and execute marketing programs that appeal to our customers by differentiating Pizza Pizza from its competitors. As a franchisee, you will benefit from our ongoing efforts to attract new customers, build customer loyalty and increase the frequency of their visits.

Franchise partner profile

To become a Pizza Pizza franchisee, it is important that you are flexible and able to align with the organizational, operational and marketing direction of Pizza Pizza.

You don't need to have any prior restaurant experience. But if you have a strong work ethic and a friendly attitude, please contact us to take the next steps in obtaining your Pizza Pizza franchise!

Pizza Pizza

pizza maker and caring company

Open website

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