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Description of franchise system

Our core business is on site computer repair, TV installation, CCTV installation and other electronic services. And we're highly efficient in this business!

We provide quality service to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our company's' principals are integrity, honesty, and quality. And we always maintain those principals.

We're known as ?The Professional Company? and we will continue our reputation through the successful pursuit of our commitments.
Our goal is to bring prosperity to our business, our clients, and the community in which we live and serve.

We offer computer service, laptop services, iPod services, Gaming Console services, digital camera services, cell phone repair and camcorder services. We improve the speed of our customers electronic devices, we fix them, we solve software and hardware problems and we replace batteries.

The key to our continued success is that we listen to our customers with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is said is important to the speaker. We always make an effort to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others and continuously strive to strengthen the loyalty of our clients. MyTech Electronics is totally customer oriented. People feel the difference and they appreciate our efforts. That's why they keep coming back to MyTech Electronics.

MyTech Electronics is a growth oriented company and we're currently looking for new franchisees to join our successful network.

Franchise concept

We have developed a proven franchise system that is easily replicable with predictable results. Buying a franchise business is a wonderful way to go into business for you – but not by yourself!

Our franchise concept is based on our great team of people in place to make sure you are successful in building your MyTech Electronics business.

MyTech Electronics has the ability to motivate you and provide a vision for the future.

We're always interested in new and exciting ideas presented by our franchisees. That's how we continuously improve our system.

MyTech Electronics offers an attractive working environment for motivated entrepreneurs and their staff. But working at MyTech Electronics is also challenging. We will do everything to fully develop your individual talent while continuously encouraging the free- spirited collaboration that characterizes MyTech Electronics.

We only treat others the way we would like to be treated. That will also be the working atmosphere at your MyTech Electronics franchise business. We want to establish a positive atmosphere and an open and friendly communication with your staff. This is essential for the success of any MyTech Electronics franchise business.

Franchise partner profile

We want to attract only the finest people who are totally committed to the basic principles of MyTech Electronics. We make only agreements we are able to make and intend to keep. That's why we carefully select our franchisees.

If you want to start your own franchise business with us, please contact us to find out if we're right for each other!

MyTech Electronics

computer service

Open website

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