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Business concept

Weight regulation through individual eating plans.

If you eat enough you’ll lose weight!

Not eating doesn’t make you slim!

The less we eat, the more difficult it is to get rid of excess fat.

The three-phase concept for sustainable weight-loss:

The amount of body tissue is reduced through the ideaform System E. The body begins to “clean out its house?. The waste is eliminated at a faster rate than new tissue can be made through the new food.

After this, an eating profile is drawn up to find out the type of metabolism (72 different types) in order to achieve better results from the treatment which is adjusted to the height and weight of the client.

An important part of the ideaform method is the individual, on-going advice provided by the trained ideaform consultant.

An eating plan is drawn up for the client which is oriented towards their personal kind of metabolism type. The ideaform consultant ensures that the plan contains a varied diet. A large number of recipes are available to achieve this.

There are no boring menus, therefore, nor do calories need to be counted. The recommendations can easily be worked into normal family meals. Feeling hungry is a thing of the past. The aim of the ideaform method is to reach the most comfortable weight and to keep it.

With its individual support, ideaform provides the greatest possible level of motivation. The customers set their targets together with their consultant which can be reached within a realistic period of time.

To ensure that the customers keep their new weight, the ideaform method ensures that support is continued to be given after the ideal weight has been reached. This prevents the so-called yoyo effect.


healthcare and diet advice

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