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Franchise - Esquires Coffee Houses
Café and Coffee Houses - Franchise

Description of franchise system

Esquires Coffee Houses provide a relaxed atmosphere where customers can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and treat themselves to a gourmet beverage.

Esquires strives to be part of the community. They respect and reflect local values. They are a place where nice people come to meet nice people and are about remembering their regulars' favourite drinks and supporting local causes. This sets them apart from the high street chain.

In 1993 the original Esquires Coffee House opened in Vancouver, Canada and in 2000 the first Esquires was opened in London. Today Esquires has numerous branches all over the world.

Esquires Coffee Houses represent a solid investment in the one of the fastest growing industries in Britain and North America -- coffee shops.

Franchise concept

Owning and operating an Esquires Coffee House can be a very rewarding experience and an ideal opportunity to develop a business. Esquires realizes that their success depends on their franchisees. This is why they make sure they have got the right people, as well as doing everything they can to make sure the franchisees have all the support they need.

Training and Support
In return for your commitment you'll get a carefully selected location, great product, a distinctive brand, proven concept, and a turnkey operation.

Esquires also provides the franchisee with:

  • Organizing Full Fit-out
  • First Class Training and Support
  • Supply Management
  • Purchasing Power
  • Marketing and Promotions

Franchise partner profile

It takes a special person to be an Esquires franchisee. Commitment to quality and service is a pre-requisite, but a business founded on customer service needs a warm and welcoming personality too. Experience in catering or retail helps, but the person matters more.

The Esquire franchisee should:

  • have business (preferably retail) experience
  • be willing to work long hours
  • enjoy working with people
  • understand the essence of good customer service

You'll also be able to work together with Esquires to develop your coffee house in tune with your own customer's needs. You're never alone, you've got all Esquires' years of experience to draw upon wherever you need it, not forgetting that of the wider franchisee community too.

Esquires Coffee Houses

Café and Coffee Houses

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