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Description of franchise system

Druxy’s is a Fresh Deli Revolution . We have simply revolutionized the Deli industry.
Our story began in 1976 when we opened our first restaurant in Toronto.

We are putting diners into the driver’s seat by allowing our customers to choose from 50 fresh sandwich and salad toppings . Premium smoked meats, fresh sandwiches and salads complete the premium Deli experience we offer our customers.

We are positioned in the under-serviced niche between traditional delis and the health food trend. This ultimate combination of traditional and new, is only one of the many reasons why Druxy's is unique in the market.

We focus on fresh, healthy food and offer our customers allergy and special diet friendly offerings including gluten free, lactose free and vegan . A young and health-conscious generation of customers appreciates this focus and enjoys the Druxy's experience on a regular base.

We want to expand our network of successful franchisees with energetic and motivated individuals who wish to start their own franchise business. So, if you are looking for a business opportunity that could change your life, read on to find out everything about Druxy's and the unique chance we offer.

Franchise concept

Our goal is to get you ready for business.

Therefore, we will train you for six weeks in a training restaurant and two more weeks in your own restaurant. Of course, we will not only train you, but also your staff.

We also run regular seminars to keep you and our other franchisees up to date on issue of ordering products and costing to staff training and local store marketing.

Beyond your initial training our field staff will regularly check how you are doing.  We run seminars on a regular base to keep you up to date on all issues of importance. From ordering products and costing to staff training and local store marketing, our seminars cover any thing you need to know on a daily basis.
Marketing is closely tied to customer service. We heavily invest in marketing and make sure to deliver the right message for our right target customers . You own franchise business will greatly profit from our marketing concept. 

To stay constantly in touch with our franchisees , we have developed a state-of-the-art on-line resource centre that provides everything you will need. From manuals and memos, to recipes, marketing tools and helpful videos, our website combines everything you will need into an easy to use on-line resource centre.  And of course, we are always there to communicate with you directly.

Franchise partner profile

Here are our guiding principles that you should be consistent with: Firstly, customers are entitled to whatever they want. Second, we only serve the highest quality, freshest and healthiest food possible and third, we stay true to our heritage offering freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, soups, bagels and coffee.

If this sounds like the perfect franchise opportunity for you, then here's a good advice: contact us to find out if we're right for each other!


Deli Sandwiches restaurant

Open website

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