Offer good food of many different cultural styles in a thematic environment

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Franchise - CILI PICA
Offer good food of many different cultural styles in a thematic environment - Franchise

Description of franchise system

Cili is a well-established chain of restaurants and coffee-houses in Lithuania known for its quality food, exclusive service, and a particular attention to home and office delivery. The franchise has a number of different restaurant styles under the Cili name. There are Cili (the original pizzeria), Cili Kaimas (Lithuanian cuisine), Cili Kinija (Chinese), Cili Kava (a relaxing coffee house), Cili bistro (standard self-service buffet), Plento baras (Lithuanian and Armenian cuisine), and Sachmatine (a fun hotel featuring Cili restaurants). Each Cili restauraunt has an impressive, glowing environment which brilliantly captures the dining theme.

Long ago the word Cili became synonymous for pizza in Lithuania. Yet today Cili offers not only pizzas of 50 different sorts, but also a hot food menu, hot breakfasts, a variety of tasty desserts, and a myriad of special seasonal dishes as well.

The first pizza restaurant Cili pica was opened in Vilnius in 1997. Citizens and tourists of Vilnius made the restaurant one of the most frequently visited restaurants in the city. Visitors often had to queue up for long hours to get in. In 1999 the company was named UAB Cilija and started franchising, new restaurant chains were opened, a chain of small coffee-houses set up, and home delivery service established.

During three quarters of 2009, the revenue of Cili chain restaurants in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine amounted to LTL 109 million (31.5 million Euro). An average of over 600 thousand customers visit Cili restaurants in Lithuania every month, and over 70 thousand guests visit restaurants daily.

Franchise concept

With the purchased right to use the well-known brand name “Čili“ the franchisee has more opportunities for an easier entrance into the market.

Training and Support
The franchisor consults and and assists the franchisee on the following issues:

  • Business management and administration;
  • Site selection for a prospective outlet
  • Interior design
  • Construction and equipment
  • Technological projects
  • Technological equipment
  • Marketing planning;
  • HACCP (RVSAVT) system introduction;
  • Employee selection and requirements for employees;
  • Various staff-related issues.

Other benefits of franchising with Cili are:

  • The franchisee is allowed to make use of the results of the franchisor advertising, data from studies and research carried out by the franchisor, and can take part in a number of business development programs. (These are of great value for staying ahead of the competition.)
  • The franchisee can make use of the supplier network devised by the franchisor.
  • The franchisee is entitled to use the franchisor‘s licences, trademarks, technological secrets and other confidential information.

Before a restaurant is opened, UAB Cilija (the home company) will train the franchisee or his/her authorized representative how to manage a restaurant. Main employees (cook, baker, chief waiter) will also undergo training necessary to perform their functions from the company.

Additionally, the franchisor provides an opportunity for the franchisee network to make use of the market information and the working experience in different markets. It is in the interests of the franchisor that the franchisee‘s trade activity is uniform and of the highest quality. Therefore, as a rule, the franchisor establishes the quality control and demands to strictly comply with the quality standards.

Franchise partner profile

Even though experience in catering is not required, it is regarded as an advantage. UAB Cilija will organize training and provide comprehensive information for future franchisees. The franchisee will is given all that is necessary to manage a Cili Pica restaurant effectively.


Offer good food of many different cultural styles in a thematic environment

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