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Description of franchise system

NATIONAL BUSINESS BROKERS (NBB) is the foremost franchise system of business consultants internationally that provide custom-made services in Acquisitions & Mergers, Corporate Finance and Business Brokerage.

First established in 2001 as a joint venture between Onebiz Group and Swedish Business Brokers , in 2006 National Business Brokers eventually became the only shareholder. Their worldwide network allows for direct contact with their customers boosting international synergies that are offered to their customers on a local level.

NBB belongs to the M&A Source and International Business Brokers Association , the largest associations of mediation in Business Brokerage and M&A around the world.

National Business Brokers operates their successful franchise network under the motto, “The success of our clients is our success.? They deal with each client in a uniquely equipped operation that fits each individual need strategically.

Franchise concept

National Business Brokers knows that quality support and training is one of the key elements of success for their franchisees as well as protecting the company’s unusually high standards internationally.

When new franchisees join National Business Brok ers, they and their staff will be invited to a rigorous 5-day training seminar at the NBB main office. This seminar is intended to give the new franchisee the main ideas of BB, Corporate Finance, and M&A methods in a practical and theoretical approach. This training will take place in collaboration within the franchise network as you work with NBB’s exclusive prospect and project software.

When you have completed the preliminary training program, every new franchise owner will have continuous access to attentive support in all necessary areas . Additionally, an International Convention is held every year, where franchisees meet with each other and discuss experiences and opportunities.

In an effort to ensure the whole franchise system operates as well-built efficient unit, National Business Brokers offers a communication department, which notifies all franchisees about the latest company news including new clients, new projects, case studies, deal closures and other recent developments.

All National Business Brokers franchise partners receive access to one of the fastest-growing business networks in the world with exceptional international Partners including sellers, buyers and project databases, as well as a huge stream of knowledge and exchange of opportunities.

When your training has been completed, you will be an official part of the National Business Brokers’ network of M&A consultation. All marketing material business and stationery will be organized for you by the NBB Company. After you have received all the necessary equipment, you will be ready to start working your National Business Brokers office and start down the road to business success!

Franchise partner profile

The best National Business Brokers franchisee is a consultant, banker, businessman, tax advisor, lawyer and entrepreneur all rolled into one person. The chief attributes NBB franchisees need to have are commercial and negotiation skills, good knowledge of financial affairs, business administration experience, excellent communication ability, ability to work independently, excellent knowledge of the English language, teamwork and good problem solving skills.

National Business Brokers is constantly searching for the most competent candidates for Unit and International Masters Franchisees . Fill out the information below and find out if National Business Brokers is the right franchise opportunity for you!



NBB National Business Brokers looking for new partners

NBB National Business Brokers, a company which originated in Sweden, acts as mediator for buying and selling private companies with a transaction value of between 300,000 and 10 million euros. Acco... » Read more

NBB - National Business Brokers

business brokers

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