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Franchise - SNIP-ITS
child hair salon and franchise - Franchise

Description of franchise system

Snip-its has certainly hit on an idea that is desirable to all parties involved. Established in 1993 by Joanna Meiseles as a hair salon that caters to young children, the Snip-its franchise program offers you the benefit of a brand with high consumer awareness, a service with strong demand and instantaneous customer loyalty, access to effective marketing programs, plus a system of operations that is second to none.

Business Model
Each Snip-its franchise has an attractive interior design featuring their own cast of cartoon characters like Snips, Flyer Joe Dryer, and Maranga Mirror. This make Snip-its a truly unique and exciting experience for children. The Snip-its concept and experience generate powerful, instantaneous brand loyalty among their young customer base and their parents, with more than 65% returning every six to eight weeks. Children ask for a "Snip-its" haircut after their very first visit and will not settle for anything less.

Over the last 10 years, there have been a large and growing number of many successful businesses specially designed to wow kids. The children's sector of the hair care industry is the fastest growing market segment, and Snip-its is the fastest-growing chain of children's hair salons in the country. The hair care industry is estimated at over $45 billion, with the children's sector of the market estimated at $5 billion annually and growing. There are over 40 million children in the US needing a haircut an average of eight times per year.

With a constantly growing number of over 63 salons open in 26 states, Snip-its is the fastest-growing chain of children's hair salons in the US. Quality haircuts and unparalleled customer service set the foundation for this recession resistant franchise opportunity.

Franchise concept

Providing a simple, tested franchise model with potential for great profits, Snip-its has developed an easy to follow, step by step guide to make your Snip-its franchise a success. As attested to by Entrepreneur Magazine, "Franchising trends may come and go, but kids' specialty services remain constant." The Snip-its franchise program is an excellent hair salon franchise that offers you the benefit of a brand that has a service with strong demand, access to effective marketing programs, high consumer awareness, a dedicated operations support team, plus an outstanding system of operations to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Unlike other franchise systems, the Snip-its team of professionals work in unison to give you the most value for your salon(s). The Snip-its marketing, financial, development, operations, and even executive-level personnel are all on your team providing the tools that can help you grow your business day in and day out.

Training and Support
A Snip-its franchisee will benefit from training programs that are designed with your success in mind. Snip-its has crafted its techniques, procedures, guidelines, and recommendations so that all of your efforts are directed toward pleasing customers and achieving higher profits. Snip-its has found a formula for success, and by following their training and operating manuals, you will reap the rewards.

Snip-its provides franchisees with a level of support that is very attractive in the hair care industry. As a Snip-its franchisee, you'll receive support, guidance, and comprehensive information from company experts who are always ready to assist you. You will have a dedicated Operations Consultant who will be your point of contact from the grand-opening of your new business for as long as you need it.

Franchise partner profile

The following qualifications, among others, are essential in order to be considered for a Snip-its franchise:

  • A strong desire to succeed through operational excellence.
  • The capability and capacity to create and manage an organization that effectively recruits, trains, retains, and motivates people.
  • The ability to manage finances.
  • The ability to market Snip-its effectively.
  • US Citizen or resident alien.


child hair salon and franchise

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