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Description of franchise system

SANDFREE is a groundbreaking service that has revolutionized a traditional industry that has been entrenched in the same methods for a long time. Through the combination of state-of-the-art computers and chemical innovations, SandFree is transforming the industry with a service that is in ever-rising high demand – wood refinishing without the usual mess and inconveniences of traditional methods.

In offering their new kind of wood refinishing , SandFree has managed even to expand the market size since customers that normally would not want the usual time, dust, and odor of a traditional floor refinishing now are interested in the new method for refinishing and recoloring their floors without any of these inconveniences – even while they are still living in their house!  As if all this would not be enough, SandFree’s services are usually only half as expensive as traditional wood floor sanding.

The SandFree method was created to resolve floor problems , which include Refinishing Engineered Floors, Floor Refinishing under extreme time limitations, Enhancing stained floors, Recoloring Floors, Repairing localized areas (in front of refrigerators and sinks for example), Applying finishes, and Coloring and finishing floors that are too thin for sanding.

SandFree services comes in a variety of services including staining, sanding and refinishing, and keep their refinished appearance for 2 to 3 years or 6 to 8 years. You will also be able offer your customers a selection of options that will enhance the look of their wood floors and keep them looking great, even while the customer is living in his/her home. Even though SandFree was originally created for commercial use, it has also found great uses in thousands of residential homes.

Franchise concept

SandFree not only offers a novel service, but it is also a groundbreaking franchise system . One of the unique things about SandFree is that they do not charge franchise owners a franchise fee that such companies normally use to obtain new franchisees. SandFree also does not dictate how much money you spend or in what way you advertise.

In addition to giving you all the training and support you will require, as one can read in Franchise Disclosure Document, you are not required to have SandFree as your sole business . The SandFree opportunity gives you a business that you can easily combine with another similar service business, which offers interior services such as carpet installation, carpet cleaning and tile, among others. If you are a carpenter, painter or floor installer, the SandFree franchise offers unique services that you can use to enhance your current business. With a low cost of entry, a mobile franchise, low overhead requirements, and little reoccurring monthly costs, SandFree is one of the best franchise opportunities out there!

Franchise partner profile

SandFree is on the look out for franchisee candidates that have marketing and sales experience and have an interest in creating lasting relationships with their clients. Experience in business management is helpful as your business grows and you expand your territory.

If you have the right resources to purchase a franchise, you can easily transition from your current occupation to a more lucrative, rewarding and stable profession with your own business. Just fill out the information below and find out if SandFree could be the right franchise opportunity for you!


wood refinishing

Open website

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