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Description of franchise system

NUTRI-LAWN is a lawn care franchise company that was built on the pillars of proven reputation and innovation. Their customers use the Nutri-Lawn services every year because the franchise delivers on their promise to nourish a lawn to health. Nutri-Lawn’s products have led the industry in the realm of environmental, organic and ecological sustainability.

Nutri-Lawn gives entrepreneurs like you an opportunity, which allows you to be your own boss while being supported by a system that has over 2 decades of expertise in the industry. A Nutri-Lawn franchise gives owners the systems, tools, passion and expertise that goes along with their leadership position in ecologically friendly lawn care. Nutri-Lawn franchisees also reap the benefits of the lifestyle and financial freedom that this business can provide, as well as the extra time to enjoy it!

As an industry leader in lawn care, Nutri-Lawn has a unique way of thinking about what kind of franchise company they are and what the goal of the company is. They know that a person’s home is a place of immense commitment and trust. This is why Nutri-Lawn seeks to connect the outside of the customer’s home with what is inside the home: healthy homes, healthy lawns, healthy lives. With this as the company’s responsibility, franchisees have a brand that truly stands for something!

Some business profess to be green, but Nutri-Lawn was green way before being green was cool! The Nutri-Lawn system was built upon the conviction that there must be a better method for doing lawn care. Unlike many other lawn care businesses, Nutri-Lawn does not blanket-spray control chemicals. With Nutri-Lawn, such chemicals are used in a very controlled, targeted manner and only where and when they are needed.

Franchise concept

Nutri-Lawn will give you comprehensive training in business practices, turf management, sales, marketing and customer service. Training is offered onsite within your own territory as well as at Nutri-Lawn headquarters and gives you the specific expertise and range of knowledge expected of professionals in the lawn care industry. You will receive all the tools, electronic training materials and systems manuals needed to train your team as you grow your business.

As a Nutri-Lawn franchisee, you will never be by yourself in terms of services and support from the home support offices. Nutri-Lawn will give you with complete tools and systems to make the most of your business growth. Continual training guarantees that your skills and knowledge as well as that of your lawn care team are kept up to date as new lawn care techniques and products are introduced.

Nutri-Lawn also offers you powerful business management software that is some of the best in the business. Additional features of this software include handheld GPS units that provide service routing, CRM, site integration of customer service, powerful reporting tools and real-time.

Customers also have the ability to access their own Nutri-Lawn customer service website with real time account information, service records and interactive tips and hints for greatest lawn care results. Prospective clients are able to receive estimates, schedule service and pay directly through the company’s website.

All these tremendous advantages allow you to concentrate on what is central to the health of your business – working on the health of you business instead of working in the business!

Franchise partner profile

Nutri-Lawn is currently searching for qualified franchisee candidates. If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to break out of the confinements of working for other companies and want to open your own business with a successful franchise system, fill out the information below and see if Nutri-Lawn is the right franchise opportunity for you!


lawn care

Open website

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