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Franchise - MOLLY MAID
professional residential maid service - Franchise

Description of franchise system

Molly Maid is a management franchise which operates within a secure business sector delivering high quality reliable domestic cleaning to thousands of homes across the United States and UK. The role of a Molly Maid Franchise Owner is to employ staff to provide this domestic maid service to customers within an exclusive area.

Founded in 1979 and first established as a part of Service Brands International franchises in 1984, the Molly Maid cleaning franchise is part of a family of franchise companies committed to providing services to busy professionals and families. Molly Maid was the first company created by Service Brands International (SBI) over 25 years ago. The network of support and expertise in franchising is what sets SBI, and Molly Maid specifically, apart. They provide the essentials of success for franchise owners.

Business Model
Simplicity is just one of many reasons why Molly Maid is a rewarding house cleaning franchise opportunity. The Molly Maid Franchise business idea is a simple business built on relationships. They have spent 25 years building a reputation for quality, professional cleaning services.

Molly Maid Franchises have what they call a "recession resistant business model." The residential cleaning industry has proven a booming and resilient business. Molly Maid is one of the best known and most successful such businesses in the field. Repeat customers make cleaning service franchises a steady and resilient franchise business opportunity.

The fastest growing segments of the population are two-income families, career-focused young professionals, and retired couples at various stages of health, all happening to be your main customers. They don't have the time or the energy to clean their own homes. These hardworking single professionals, busy couples and active seniors trust Molly Maid to make their lives more manageable. To many of customers, house cleaning is essential creating a repeat customer with regular schedules and predictable income.

Franchise concept

Decades of consistent, high quality performance is how Molly Maid has become one of America's most recognized brands. At Molly Maid they reward cleaning franchise leaders whose continued dedication and passion further strengthen the brand name. Hundreds of franchise owners surpass their income expectations without giving up leisure time. Molly Maid is very interested in the success of each franchisor and does everything possible to get the new franchisee off the ground and mount to higher and higher success.

Training and Support
You'll have an instant connection to the nearly 300 Molly Maid owners nationwide:

  • You can get on Molly Maid's extensive internet site to contact fellow owners to ask questions, get information, and share experiences on the "discussion board."
  • Attend the regional and national meetings and build stronger bonds with your colleagues while learning more about all aspects of the business.
  • Keep up with all things Molly Maid by reading M Magazine, a newsletter devoted to recognizing the achievements while providing updates on this franchise business.

One of the Most Worry Free Franchise Opportunities on the Market:

  • Affordable start-up fees
  • No expensive build-out
  • Simple business idea means minimal training for staff
  • No inventory
  • Limited equipment
  • No receivables
  • Repeat customers allow for a predictable M-F schedule

Franchise partner profile

The ideal franchisee is a people orientated individual who has a capacity for hard work, motivating staff and a determination to build a successful business.

The Molly Maid franchisee takes ownership in an established home cleaning service franchise—one that recognizes your ability to grow an already booming business. You won't clean. You'll manage. And you'll realize your potential for success in this resilient industry.


professional residential maid service

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