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retail shop f. ice cream, non-fat ice,cream - Franchise

Description of franchise system

MaggieMoo's franchises use the finest and freshest ingredients  to make their award-winning, super premium ice cream fresh everyday. By making all ice cream on-site, the company eliminates "distribution stress" or ice crystal formulation. MaggieMoo's is the only national retail chain to consistently win Blue Ribbon Awards from the National Ice Cream Retailer's Association with delicious flavors including Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry.

MaggieMoo's was founded in Kansas City, Kansas by Juel and Katherine Tillery. Naming their new ice cream store after a cow that they passed by every day whom their young daughter affectionately named "MaggieMoo", the Tillery's enjoyed great success in their initial store and began to launch a franchise program.

By 1996, there were approximately 10 units open and in it became a franchise brand in the portfolio of NexCen Brands Inc. There are now over 400 MaggieMoo's franchises in 43 states and the District of Columbia, Thailand and Puerto Rico.

Business Model
MaggieMoo's stores serve their products in a playful environment. Each stores features a menu of freshly made ice creams, mix-ins, sorbets, smoothies, and custom ice cream cakes. Like its sister chain Marble Slab Creamery, it serves its ice cream blend containing 12 percent or more of butterfat, by mixing in various treats into the ice cream including on a frozen granite slab. The granite slab technique is unlike other processes used by more common ice cream chains where they serve ice cream with simple toppings sprinkled on top.

NexCen Brands Inc. has a goal of achieving over 1000 MaggieMoo's franchise stores in the near future, so now is a perfect time to buy a franchise.

Franchise concept

Through the head company NexCen, the all MaggieMoo’s franchisees receive top-notch assistance and support in starting their own franchise. NexCen is company that knows how to make franchises successful and they have an impressive track record to prove it. If you open a franchise with them, you can be sure that you are in some of the best hands in franchising.

Training and Support
All MaggieMoo’s franchisees will go to the NexCen University. This is a state-of-the-art franchise training facility located at the global headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. Training at this facility includes courses taught by subject experts from their best-in-class management team, seminar presentations and workshops.

NexCen University also offers a variety of programs and services specifically designed to cater to their expanding domestic and international presence. These "distance learning" systems utilize highly interactive and advanced instructional techniques including video and online demonstrations.

Franchise training and support includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • Support with building brand awareness, driving traffic to the store, creating brand loyalty and increasing frequency of visit.
  • Design & Construction: Turnkey store design and support through build-out.
  • Real Estate: Assistance with site selection within the United States.
  • Operations: Periodic visits from field representatives to consult on operations and marketing to help increase profitable revenues; consultation on store operations, key business metrics and P&L management.
  • Crew Training: Ongoing tips for crew training to ensure customer satisfaction and long term customer loyalty (including suggestive selling techniques for new products).
  • Networking: Opportunities to network with experienced peers who enjoy sharing knowledge to benefit fellow owners.

You will also have ongoing access to NexCen's expertise and materials in the areas of: Business Development and Administration, Site Selection and Store Leasing, Marketing, Purchasing Training, Research and Development, Quality Control, Promotions, Construction, and Store Operations.

Franchise partner profile

To ensure that their franchisees will be able to qualify with both lenders and landlords, NexCen requires potential franchisees within the United States to have at least $75,000 in liquid capital and a $225,000 net worth. In addition, food service and/or retail experience is desired, although not mandatory.

MaggieMoo's Franchises are a fun and lucrative franchise opportunity. In a market where consumers' ice cream preferences are developing finer tastes, there is a growing need for such specialty ice cream franchises.


retail shop f. ice cream, non-fat ice,cream

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