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Description of franchise system

LOMMA MINITURE GOLF is in the business of selling miniature golf courses to the general public. Since 1955, Lomma Enterprises, Inc. has been in this business, creating the first ever prefabricated miniature golf course. No other company can make claim to this! As a result, Lomma Miniture Golf is the largest, oldest and finest resource for growing the customer’s income with every single golfer.

Ever since the miniature golf idea was first created in the early 1900’s in Chattanooga, TN, and even throughout the American Depression, miniature golf has become wildly popular all over the United States. With sawdust covered corner lots in cities all across the United States, "poor folk" finally could have their own country clubs.

Over the next 10 years, the pastime grew to around 40,000 mini-golf locations. And even when other businesses were collapsing, the mini-golf industry became ever increasingly more popular! Miniature golf is not just a tremendous pastime for the whole family, it is a big-profit, low-cost industry that is expanding and gaining popularity every day.

Families and friends can have hours of fun quality time with each other and spend less than it costs to go to the movies. But the most amazing thing about this industry is that you can take advantage of it with a fun and rewarding mini-golf franchise business!

Lomma Miniture Golf not only specializes in outdoor and indoor mini-golf courses , they also have the capability to design putt-putt courses for all the miniature golfing needs of clients. From waterfalls, ponds, caves to mountains, creeks, and more, Lomma Miniture Golf can design and plan anything for their customers. Because the putt-putt business is a non-commodity and non-inventory, the revenue stream stays within the company.

Franchise concept

With the Lomma Miniture Golf franchise system, you will be given all the tools and training you need to make your business as successful as it has been for the Lomma Company over the past 50+ years.

When you buy a franchise from Lomma Miniture Golf, you will be fully trained and supported by the company, receiving Promotional Package & Support, a Range of Investments at low cost, Solutions that are Easy to Build and Move, Fast and Simple Construction with assistance from knowledgeable workforce, and an incredible No Franchise Fee Policy !

Franchise partner profile

Lomma Miniture Golf is currently looking for qualified entrepreneurs to help them further advance the success of their company. Are you are a businessperson who is ready to break out of the unsatisfying confinements of working for other companies and want to open your own business with a successful franchise system ?

Discover how simple it is to own your own mini-golf franchise business with the Lomma Miniture Golf franchise opportunity and watch your income increasingly grow. Fill out the information below and see if Lomma Miniture Golf is the right franchise opportunity for you!

Lomma Miniature Golf

miniature golf courses

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