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Description of franchise system

LED SOURCE has made an extremely successful business out of selling Energy Efficient LED Lighting for entertainment, residential and commercial uses. LED Source has used franchising to build the leading LED lighting supply company , and now you can be a part of their great success as well!

The level of knowledge they possess in addition to the strong customer support they have gained has brought LED Source to the forefront of this exciting and growing industry. Their Top Brands include Color Kinetics, Cree, Philips, Renaissance, EcoSense, Toshiba, Lemnis and much more.

There are a great many benefits to LED lighting over more traditional forms , and customers see these differences immediately. With LED lighting, Color Quality and Rendering are much superior to CFL or Fluorescent lighting. Also, the “perceived” brilliance is greater than the lumens that are measured and the color consistency is close to perfect. In addition to all this, fading can happen much more gradually with LED than other kinds of lighting and they do not create harmful U/V or fade merchandise.

Until recently, the lighting industry hasn’t given consumers any solution to the problem of choosing between extremely inefficient incandescent lights and using fluorescent lighting that usually looks terrible, contain mercury, and are normally not dimmable. These solutions do not work well with the “building a greener future” thinking of modern society.

Luckily, people don’t need to have these archaic technologies as their only options anymore. New advances in LED lighting technology have brought to light a completely new way to handle the problem. There are now sensible solutions that are longer lasting than both Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting, as well as giving off a more beautiful and pleasing light. In addition to being mercury free, LEDs are about 1000% more efficient than incandescent lights and 300% more energy efficient than fluorescent lights.

Franchise concept

LED Source will train you in everything you need to know! They want you to be successful and provide you with excellent franchisee training and support programs to ensure this success. Once you have learned the proven systems of the business, you too can have the same incredible achievement that the LED Source has enjoyed throughout the years.

Franchise partner profile

No previous lighting experience is necessary to become a LED Source franchise owner. However, a background in sales, business, marketing etc. would be helpful. The company’s franchise selection staff has extensive experience in choosing the best people for a LED Source franchise. They are looking for franchisee candidates who have Self Motivation, Pride in Ownership, Passion & Personality, Integrity and are Confident Leaders that are Disposed to Follow the LED Source System.

Just fill out the information below and see if LED Source is the right franchise opportunity for you!

LED source

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

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