dance and motor development programs for children

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Description of franchise system

KINDERDANCE is the first countrywide dance, gymnastics, motor development, and fitness business that mixes academic abilities that are designed specially for children between the ages of 2 and 12. The thing that makes this franchise business special is that they use educational concepts in a curriculum designed to enhance children’s development towards the goal of benefiting the whole child . Kinderdance places particular importance on developing “Self-Esteem" and "Self Confidence."

Anybody that has ever seen a child leap with excitement when their parents come home knows instinctively that young children convey a great deal of their thoughts and emotions with movement. For young children , movement, dance and music can be perfect tools for them to learn as well as express themselves. Influential educators and child psychologists like Montessori and Piaget are in agreement that developmental programs of expression through movement ought to be a part of all children’s education.

Preschools, Day Care Centers and many other practical venues are always searching for quality programs that can help them attract parents’ interest. Kinderdance perfectly fills this need for year-round, moderately priced, high quality motor development, dance and gymnastics fitness programs.

As a Kinderdance franchisee, you will run a home-based business and bring the Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness and Motor Development Programs to kids in your community. You will not need to have a Kinderdance business location because their franchise concept is intended to be an essential component of a preschooler's normal education. Your home will be your office as you bring the Kinderdance program to many different locations everyday!

Franchise concept

Kinderdance starts the franchise process by teaching its teachers. Dance, gymnastics, motor development, fitness, creative movement, education and play are the building blocks of Kinderdance. In their franchisee-training program , you will learn not only to use the Kinderdance programs, but also why they work so well with young children.

Training begins with a comprehensive 6-day course directed by Bernard Friedman and Carol Kay Harsell at the franchise’s corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Kinderdance concept and operations. The courses include, classroom sessions, individual meetings, video instruction, as well as on-site and video follow-up involvement with children.

In addition to the expert training, the Kinderdance franchise support stays with you as you run your business. Continuing education conferences will be held yearly to hone your business and teaching skills while keeping you up-to-date on current teaching methods and materials.

The franchise’s quarterly "Kinderdance Continuing Education Newsletter" gives you timely teaching and business updates, as do their helpful news flashes. In addition, Kinderdance’s franchise office is always available at their toll free 800 number to assist you with any problem that you may encounter.

Franchise partner profile

Because of the incredible training and support you will receive, you do not have to be a dancer to be a Kinderdance franchisee! Kinderdance is looking for physically active people that have High Energy with the ability to multi-task and An Interest in the Children Services Business .  Experience in Sales and Marketing is not necessary but is always a plus.  Fill out the information below and get on your way to owning your own Kinderdance Franchise!



Kinderdance named one of the top franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine

Kinderdance® International announced last month that it has been recognized this year by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 10 Children’s Fitness Franchises and Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises. Ac... » Read more


dance and motor development programs for children

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