Distributor of electrical parts, wire, fasteners, abrasives, cable and brass fittings

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Description of franchise system

K&N MOBILE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS is a well-known distributor of wire, electrical parts, fasteners, abrasives, brass fittings and cable. Since consumers use these products everyday for repairing or manufacturing many different kinds of machinery, K&N has taken up the role of inventory manager for many businesses. K&N franchise owner , you will drive their "mobile parts store" to their clients place of business and simply restock the parts that have been used since the last visit.

K&N Electric, Inc. is the parent company of K&N Mobile. Jerry Nelson founded this company in Fort Worth, TX in 1972.  Then in 1992, Nelson’s son, started directing the company and has since led it to its present success. K&N Electric’s main office is still in the same place in Fort Worth, TX where it has been since 1975.

Franchise concept

Becoming a K&N franchisee can be an amazingly satisfying endeavor. You will have the opportunity to work as your own boss with no staff, no warehousing or purchasing duties, no weekends, and will have the latest modern technology at your fingertips. The K&N Company believes that the only way to achieve success is to make sure that you are successful!

This is why K&N is dedicated to doing everything they can to give franchisees the right knowledge and tools they will need to make every franchise business a great success. This includes concentrated training, voice-activated GPS systems, a fully automated barcode ordering system, nearly 5,000 SKU’s, and identified prospects.

It is always difficult to succeed in business if you are not experienced in what you are doing. But with K&N, you can rest assured that they prepare you fully with the proper training and never let you go out without the best support. Their franchisee-training program has been created to give you the skills and knowledge essential for your success.

Franchisee training is comprised of 10 days of classroom and practical instruction as well as an additional day spent accompanying a knowledgeable salesperson and another day becoming familiar with the company’s proprietary software. Some of the main areas of your training include, Complete systems orientation, A full day of product education, Product line & part number tutorial, People skills training, Price book & catalog instruction, and a full week of exhaustive sales training.

With K&N’s unique inventory tracking systems , paperwork will become obsolete. Every time you make a sale, it is automatically removed from your inventory record. Then at the end of every workday, you can upload the day’s sales on your computer, send it straight to K&N and the parts will be shipped to you immediately. With this intuitive system, you can maintain a continually full inventory of parts so that your clients will never be left without the products they want.

Franchise partner profile

If you are thinking about starting your own business, a K&N franchise can give you a remarkable opportunity for growth and independence. K&N wants to find capable entrepreneurs to help them open new K&N franchise locations in prime undeveloped markets . Franchise opportunities are still obtainable in every state excluding Nebraska, Utah, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Fill out the information below and see if K&N is the right franchise opportunity for you!


Distributor of electrical parts, wire, fasteners, abrasives, cable and brass fittings

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