preschool and school-age children sports and fitness.

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Franchise - JumpBunch

Description of franchise system

JUMPBUNCH gives you the business advantage you are looking for in a great franchise opportunity. They are a children's fitness franchise business that is fun and rewarding. And best of all, you can operate this business from you home in a market where demand is growing rapidly!

JumpBunch focuses on the mental development of children and helping in the important areas of eye-hand coordination, balance and fine motor skills. The instant praise of simple physical successes is extremely beneficial and rewarding to young children, both for their physical development and their overall self-esteem.

You will run your JumpBunch franchise business from home , but you will give your programs at existing locations such as daycares, preschools, private & public schools, and other locations where children gather for education and fun. In this way, you have the extraordinary benefit of providing supplementary services to an established customer base, giving you a great deal of freedom and flexibility without a large overhead. JumpBunch is appealing to customers because it provides a distinctive, well-paired program for them. Overhead will be low for you because you use public facilities and your customer base is already waiting for you!

There are many key economic and social forces that make the market potential for JumpBunch extremely advantageous. With the huge number of families that have double incomes, both parents work, which means that roughly 70% of children participate in daycare programs for the whole day . An ever increasing number of educators and parents are concerned about the risk associated with child obesity and are looking for a program that will help children stay active and develop positive outlooks about fitness and sports.

JumpBunch has created their programs for both private and public schools that desire to contract out their fitness program. JumpBunch offers them a cost-effective option and an enormous profit opportunity for you as a JumpBunch franchisee.

Franchise concept

Tom Bunchman, the JumpBunch founder, is dedicated to a thorough training program that will give every franchise owner the very best launch pad for business success! A strong online “Extranet” gives franchisees the opportunity to share ideas, solutions and questions. Also, a yearly JumpBunch convention allows you the occasion to plan directly with the JumpBunch office and other franchisees that share the same vision and passion for their business.

The Franchise Fee will cover all training, support and tools required to be confident in the business and start to execute the distinctive JumpBunch franchise concept . JumpBunch will even provide you with professionally prepared direct mail tools and brochures to assist you in instigating relationships with preschools, daycares, and other possible sources of business.

Franchise partner profile

While experience in business operation or teaching is helpful, these are not necessary to be considered for a JumpBunch franchise. The most significant attributes needed for success are a commitment and motivation to develop a winning business combined with the genuine interest in teaching children.

JumpBunch is looking for motivated entrepreneurs to help them further advance the success of their company. Fill out the information below and see if JumpBunch could be the right franchise opportunity for you!



JumpBunch names its 2008 Franchisee of the Year

JumpBunch recently announced that its partners Lisa Jones and Christy Dugan of central Maryland were the winners of the 2008 MVP Franchisee of the Year award. They were presented their awards at Ju... » Read more


preschool and school-age children sports and fitness.

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