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Description of franchise system

JAZZERCISE dance fitness programs are aimed to advance a complete kind of fitness through dancing. Each instructor learns dance routines through dance packets that include routines that have been choreographed and are now available on DVD.

Instructors then lead classes through dances that are choreographed to enjoyable popular tunes. Jazzercise also has a part of their franchise company called "Jazzertogs". These locations distribute such products as dance accessories, clothing, kits, visual recordings and books under the "Jazzercise" brand name.

With classes in more than 32 countries, Jazzercise has been the world’s dance-fitness leader for almost 40 years ! As independent entrepreneurs, Jazzercise franchisees can enhance their lives and the lives of others through fitness and dance while directly affecting their own income levels.

Franchise concept

Jazzercise offers you an amazing opportunity to develop and run your own lucrative business. A great many tools are accessible to franchise owners, including marketing material, class formats, and the Business Center, just to name a few!

There are two kinds of top-quality franchises that you can buy:
The first is the Instructor Franchise. If you love being on stage and want to help people improve their lives through fitness, why not get paid to do what you love? A franchise Owner and Instructor operates the business and teaches classes at their own studio.

Jazzercise offers a certification and all-inclusive fitness instructor training program. Owner/Instructors are either licensed to instruct all kinds of classes, or they are certified to instruct only the Junior Jazzercise or Jazzercise Lite classes. Numerous Owner Instructors, however, also hire Substitute Instructors to teach classes.

The second franchise opportunity is a Business Franchise . With this opportunity, you can still own and operate your own a Jazzercise business without being a certified instructor. You will manage the business behind the scenes while your hired Jazzercise instructors teach the classes. As a Business Franchisee, you do not have to teach a single class, but will instead manage the business side of the franchise.

All franchisees benefit from a preliminary training program roughly 2 weeks before the initial training program starts. During these 2 weeks, Franchisees need to review the materials and practice the routines in preparation for the training workshop. Then the extensive 2 to 3 day Jazzercise workshop is provided for all franchise owners at locations around the country.

You will also receive a continuous flow of timely information on marketing, health/physiology, teaching techniques, public relations, and accounting methods provided for you through franchisee newsletters , hotlines, local district meetings and regional conventions.

Franchise partner profile

A Jazzercise Franchise could be the perfect franchise fit for you! As mentioned above, you do not need to be an experienced fitness trainer to own your own Jazzercise location.

If you are a fitness trainer or simply a businessperson who is wants to start your own successful business with the help of an established franchise company behind you, just fill out the information below and see if Jazzercise is the right franchise opportunity for you!


dance fitness center

Open website

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