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Franchise - Hey Buddy!
pet supply vending machine - Franchise

Description of franchise system

The HEY BUDDY! provides pet owners with exclusive and original pet supply vending machines that offer pet treats and products through their eye-catching, convenient, easily accessible and pet friendly HEY BUDDY! Pet Supply Machines. You will be offering unique products to pet lovers because Hey Buddy! is the sole pet vending machine concept in the market.

Each vending machine offers a wide selection of pet merchandise and products and can be positioned in a variety of effective locations, such as apartment complexes, dog parks, RV parks, hotels, veterinary clinics, high-rises and rest stops.

In 1998, Carlotta Lennox devised the novel Hey Buddy! business concept . She hit on the scheme after going to many parks around where she lived and observing that there was a need for pet supplies such as pet treats, toys and water. With this observation Lennox found a business idea that has turned out to be a booming success and an excellent franchise opportunity.

Once you set up your Hey Buddy! vending machines, pet owners will benefit from the knowledge that if they forget to buy dog treats or other necessary pet products, they can always get them at your vending machine. And if someone wants to play with their pet but has no toy, they can buy a frisbee, ball, toy, or other pet play products.

People can also buy convenient merchandise such as leashes, pick-up bags, flea collars, treats and vitamin-water. Hey Buddy! is the customer’s one-stop pet product place in a handy location. Through their effective distribution methods, Hey Buddy!’s patented concept serves a market function that no other business is filling.

Though vending machine products must come from an accepted supplier or directly from the Company, Hey Buddy! also wants you to have the freedom to retail a segment of your vending machine for your own ideas. You will be given a section in every machine where you can have personalized products of your choice. Hey Buddy! must, however, agree to all products before they can be sold.

Franchise concept

For people who buy three or more vending machines, Hey Buddy! offers a single-day training seminar at their headquarters in Dallas, TX. Participating in this training is not compulsory and is left to the franchisee to decide. In addition, you will benefit from an Operation Manual, which has been specifically created to assist you in successfully launching and operating your Hey Buddy! vending machine business . The company pledges that their support to you will be unlimited and ongoing.

Upon your agreement to the franchise contract, you will get vending machines, starter kit and initial inventory within the first month.

Franchise partner profile

If you are searching for a fun, unique, innovative and simple way of starting your own business, HEY BUDDY! could be just what you are looking for! This business concept is an extraordinary franchise with a ground-floor opportunity for a new, proven and exciting business concept.

HEY BUDDY! is currently looking for qualified entrepreneurs to help them further advance the success of their company. If you would like to team up with this franchise and be a leader in this groundbreaking industry, HEY BUDDY! wants to hear from you. Fill out the information below and see if HEY BUDDY! is the right franchise opportunity for you!



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Hey Buddy!

pet supply vending machine

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