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foot care services, specialty shoes, foot care products - Franchise

Business concept

The Foot Solutions concept is so unique in the industry that they dominate the market segment. You’ll be serving primarily Baby Boomers; the fastest growing, most affluent market in the USA.

Training and Support

As a franchisee you receive extensive training for both you and your staff and also receive store set up and "Grand Opening" support as well as ongoing counseling and seminars.

The Foot Solutions pedorthic Training Center is a certified facility by BCP (Board Certified Pedorthists) and you will have the opportunity to complete course requirements to allow you to sit for the certified Pedorthic exam given twice a year.

Every new franchisee will complete the Foot Solutions program which includes:

- Online training which must be completed before beginning the two and a half weeks at the Foot Solutions Pedorthic training center. In This portion of your training you will learn terminology, concepts, and techniques. You will learn how to make minor modifications and adjustments to shoes and orthotics to insure a proper fit. You will develop knowledge and skills in foot assessment, technique and application as well as operations. In addition, the training will cover marketing, customer service, and inventory control. In addition Foot Solutions has extensive private online web-based training as well as DVD and training videos. They also offer specialized Chung Shi training.

- One week in an operational store. There will be a continuation of hands on training by a Board Certified training staff. This will include actual application and work with customers. You will learn how to address the individual customers specific needs. You will continue to develop skills in sales and marketing.

- Training on the operation and techniques of the computer scanning will be at the Foot Solutions pedorthic training center and you will receive a certificate of completion.

- Training will continue at your location during your store opening.

- Continuing support through field representatives and associates will always be available to you as it is needed. Additionally, Foot Solutions has ongoing monthly portal calls and specialized in-the-field and regional training seminars.

The Franchisee

No special knowledge or experience about feet and shoes is necessary. This is a retail service business that requires management and personnel development skills. You do not need any prior experience in the pedorthics, orthotics, or show business. You can take advantage of the Foot Solutions team experience!

About us

Foot Solutions Franchise Retail Company is a franchise company with more than 240 locations worldwide. They are the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise focusing on foot care and proper fit. Foot Solutions focuses on providing a full line of quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care accessories for all customer lifestyles.


Raymond J. Margiano, Ph.D., the CEO and founder of Foot Solutions, brings exceptional credentials to the business. He studied pedorthics at Temple University, and has spent over 20 years in the footwear and pedorthic industry. Before founding Foot Solutions, Dr. Margiano successfully built a 700+ store network of Heel Quik Franchises in 34 countries.

Business Model

It’s all about the customer’s in-store experience. The Foot Solutions experts offer a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in foot and gait biomechanics, combined with leading edge technology and products made with Old World European craftsmanship. Foot Solutions’ certified staff completes extensive coursework and training in the field of pedorthics. They guarantee 100% satisfaction of all of their custom advanced biomechanical supports.


Foot Solutions Has 5 Major Market Niches:

1. Health & Wellness

2. Active/sports

3. Comfort & Style

4. Medical

5. Arch Supports & Orthotics


foot care services, specialty shoes, foot care products

Open website

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