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Description of franchise system

CRESCO MONTESSORI SCHOOL is an educational service franchise concept that provides Montessori based pre-school, private school, and daycare center services. Cresco Montessori School helps parents "Unlock their child's potential" with their unique and effective learning programs.

As a fully servicing private school, daycare and learning center for all children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. Cresco follows the Montessori philosophy with the fundamental tenet that a social environment that supports each individual’s unique development is of the greatest importance. The name ‘Cresco’ is taken from the Latin word which means “to expand, grow or increase.” This word represents the constructive role that the people at Cresco Montessori School play in their children’s education.

The Montessori method is a system of education that is both a philosophy of child development and a foundation for guiding such development and growth. This philosophy is based on a child’s developmental needs for freedom within appropriate limits, as well as a carefully prepared environment that guarantees exposure to nurturing experiences and materials. This approach is designed to take full advantage of the child’s unique ability to develop their own capabilities and their innate desire to learn.

Montessori emphasizes learning with all the senses, or in other words, learning by doing. Montessori education also emphasizes "learning how to learn," which means it is more important for children to learn how to discover, process, understand and make choices on their own rather than simply learning to regurgitate information that has been presented to them. Montessori classrooms are made up of children in three-year age groupings that allows for the flexibility of children to learn at their own pace and for unprompted opportunities for older children to assist the younger ones.

The basic tenet of Montessori education is that a child learns best in a supportive, enriching environment through discovery, exploration and creativity with the encouragement and guidance of a trained and caring staff.

Franchise concept

When you choose to franchise with Cresco Montessori School you are making a great choice. Not only will you be joining a top-quality education provider in an exciting and growing field, but you will also be partnering with a company that knows what it takes to succeed and is invested in the success of your own Cresco business.

Cresco Montessori School will supply you with everything you need to start your business, get it off the ground, and lead it to ever higher success.  The training and support that you will receive from Cresco Montessori School will equip you in every way to confidently and successfully own and operate your new Cresco franchise business.

Franchise partner profile

Cresco Montessori School is presently looking for capable candidates to own a franchise in their own protected territory.

If you are an person with entrepreneurial ability that is ready to leave the restrictions of working for other people and want to open a business with a strong and growing franchise system, fill out the information below and see if Cresco Montessori School could be the right franchise opportunity for you!

Cresco Montessori School

educational service

Open website

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