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Franchise - Bruegger's
bakery-cafe franchise - Franchise

Description of franchise system

BRUEGGER’S is famous for their delicious genuine boiled and baked bagels . Additionally, Bruegger's has developed a wide variety of many other stone-oven baked breads, including the popular Ciabatta and the original "Softwich," a square shaped bagel that is softer and perfect for mouthwatering sandwich creations. In communities all everywhere, Bruegger's bakeries gives people a warm, relaxing environment for their customers to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with friends and family.

Back in 1983 when Mike Dressell and Nord Brue founded Bruegger's, they were actually founding the original bagel concept . Before then, bagels were viewed by and large as an ethnic food and, other than in New York, they were almost completely unknown. In those days, fewer than 30% of Americans had ever even tried a bagel!

From their base in Burlington, VT, Dressell and Brue came up with a brand new bagel concept that would expand the traditional, relatively unknown bagel bakery into a QSR business that attracted customers with custom sandwiches, the finest specialty cream cheeses, terrific coffee and signature soups. Working with an authentic New York bagel baker for over 2 years to perfect their baking method and recipe, eventually Bruegger's developed the bagel they are famous for today.

Franchise concept

Bruegger's knows how essential it is to have the best training and support for their franchisees, and they take this task very seriously. Bruegger's has many devoted franchisee instructors that will make certain you and your staff are confident in the effective and proven operation systems before you start your first two locations. For around 8 weeks before the opening of your first bakery, both you and your operations partner will attend training in one of Bruegger's state-of-the-art Training Bakeries. Bruegger's will make sure that you and your employees receive the training you need to hit the ground running!

Additionally, you will have the invaluable assistance of your very own Franchise Operations Consultant that will be assigned to your business to give you and your employees on-site visits, operations assistance and ongoing training. This expert Franchise Operations Consultant will give you insight into how the market works and how best to organize and operate your first two locations.

In addition to all this, Bruegger’s offers franchise owners Regional advertising and Ad slicks that really make your business stand out among the competition. With all these advantages, your Bruegger's Bakery will be ready for great success in your market!

Franchise partner profile

The most successful Bruegger’s franchise owners have been skilled businesspeople with a result-oriented outlook and a passion for the restaurant business. Potential franchisees must also have the financial ability to build and operate a Bruegger’s location. Experience in restaurant management is essential for all franchisees or franchise operators .

If you are interested in this prime franchise opportunity, just fill out the information below and find out if Bruegger’s is the right business for you !



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bakery-cafe franchise

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