BLIMPIE Subs & Salads

Quick Service Restaurant - Sandwiches and Salads

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Description of franchise system

BLIMPIE SUBS & SALADS is a valued brand in the QSR industry. Well known for supplying only the best foods for over 40 years, customers all over have recognized the quality of Blimpie franchises and very often become regular customers.

Tony Conza and his two friends had the dream to produce America’s best-dressed sandwiches. They thought up a straightforward way of achieving this: pile freshly cut meat and quality cheese on freshly-baked bread exactly how the customer wants and right before of their eyes. They came up with the idea for a name when they realized that their new sub sandwich was looking very much like a "Blimp."

The first major Blimbie sub store opened almost half a century ago in Hoboken, NJ. Blimpie has been there to see the first Super Bowl, the first man on the moon, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. No matter where we may be in America’s great history, Blimpie franchisees will be there to provide the sub sandwiches that Americans crave and love.

With the success of their franchisees in mind, Blimpie is continually progressing with new methods of growing their restaurants and increasing their product appeal. From décor enhancements and merchandising, to offering more quality menu selections, Blimpie Subs is always searching for ways to address the shifting needs of their customers. The franchise has also established the well-loved Blimpie Catering Program that is ideal for any party, event or meeting, allowing franchise owners to maximize publicity, build up great connections within communities and reach new customers.

Franchise concept

Blimpie and the Kahala Corp., their parent company, have worked hard at offering the most extensive support to their restaurant franchise owners . When you start your own Blimpie franchise, you will never be without support. Blimpie will be with you at every turning your business development!

In order to assist you in ensuring your road to success, the company’s dedicated Blimpie Franchise Team will help you with significant preliminary steps such as selection of your site, design, build out and grand opening plans. The company’s time-tested franchise systems also will help in the success of your business by empowering you to profit from Blimpie’s many years of experience and business success . Blimpie keeps the entry costs and operating expenses as low as they can in order to increase your potential for business success.

The Blimpie Franchise Team and your Area Developer will direct you through every step of choosing a location, negotiation of lease, build out, grand opening, training, ongoing support for operations and marketing. Blimpie’s Real Estate teams and Area Developers work at securing the best locations in each city.

Franchise partner profile

If you are interested in this great business concept , just fill out the information below and see if Blimpie is the right franchise opportunity for you!

BLIMPIE Subs & Salads

Quick Service Restaurant - Sandwiches and Salads

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