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Franchise - Alphagraphics
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Description of franchise system

AlphaGraphics is a visual communications franchisor providing a wide range of solutions for design, digital copying, printing, one-to-one marketing, digital archiving and mailing services for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as corporate entities. The company is focused on leveraging the full spectrum of today’s communications technologies to provide complete solutions.

AlphaGraphics is unique in that it marries three different kinds of graphic design areas into one business. Each AlphaGraphics franchise location offers a full range of service capabilities including the technologies, capabilities, and training that will ensure that the franchise owner exceeds customer expectations and eclipses the competition.

Every business center offers:

  • Sophisticated computer design services using the latest design software on both Mac and PC platforms
  • High-speed black-and-white or digital color copying
  • Single- and multi-color printing
  • Digital publishing capabilities
  • Binding and finishing
  • Secure file transfer
  • E-business applications

AlphaGraphics is a visual communications corporation founded by Rodger Ford in 1970 in Tucson, Arizona. Since its founding, AlphaGraphics has enjoyed tremendous success, first expanding throughout the US and then breaking into the international market by the late 80´s. Today AlphaGraphics has its headquarters in Salt Lake City and has over 260 AlphaGraphics franchises located in the United States, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Business Model
The key to AlphaGraphics’ success has been the company's successful and profitable business model, which includes the unique strategy of providing a full range of graphic solutions in each location as well as establishing long term relationships with profitable customers.

Those who are granted a franchise opportunity with AlphaGraphics enter into almost certain success of their business venture. AlphaGraphics serves a $108 billion printing and publishing industry, of which AlphaGraphics is the one of the most successful franchises, each branch having an average gross sale of more than $1 million. AlphaGraphics offers a unique and attractive service to this lucrative market in that it provides a broad range of graphic services to a wide spectrum of clients from small- to medium-sized business all the way to fortune 500 companies. Each AlphaGraphics franchise offers a combination of retail, commercial, and web-based services to its customers. This successful one-stop-shop combination tends to put AlphaGraphics franchises a cut above the competition.

Franchise concept

The franchisee who takes on his own AlphaGraphics Company is joining a huge professional network that is invested in the success of each new franchise. From market research, to intensive training, to location finding and launching assistance, the support from AlphaGraphics is energetically there every step of the way to success.

Training and Support
The benefits of franchising with AlphaGraphics are immediately clear. In the areas of assistance in business launching, continual support, and training of the franchisee, AlphaGraphics is one of the best franchise business opportunities in the visual communications world today. The potential franchisee who wishes to start his/her own AlphaGraphics franchise needs only the entrepreneurial skill and drive to lead a successful and lucrative AlphaGraphics franchise. No prior knowledge of the printing or graphic design industry is especially necessary since the AlphaGraphics Franchise Support Team provides continual training and support in both the business aspects of the company as well as in all technical know-how of the visual communications trade.

AlphaGraphics also offers a generous franchise agreement to owners of existing Visual Communications businesses who are looking to expand their company and strengthen their competitive position while still maintaining their independence:

  • Such companies are only required to pay a $5,000 franchise entry fee (compared to $35,000 for a start-up franchise). In addition to this, many other fees are waved for such business owners.
  • For one year after you join AlphaGraphics, you pay royalties only on revenues in excess of the average of your last 12 months sales.
  • AlphaGraphics will conduct an operational, financial and technology analysis of your operation to uncover the best ways to quickly add profit and drive sales.

Franchise partner profile

The ideal AlphaGraphics franchisee is a talented, experienced businessperson who has been successful in the corporate world. As stated, the franchise applicant is not required to have knowledge of the printing and visual communications industry, but must have the proper entrepreneurial and executive experience.

AlphaGraphics is a reliable and profitable franchise opportunity for the experienced businessperson looking for a well organized and well supported franchise network.



AlphaGraphics’ sales exceed the $300 million mark

A report published on the Internet portal, graphicartsonline, has revealed that AlphaGraphics, a leading print, graphics and marketing communications franchisor, has enjoyed a record- breaking year... » Read more


AlphaGraphics receives environmental certification

AlphaGraphics, Inc. has announced that it is the first print and visual communications franchisor in the United States to obtain a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Multi-Site Chain of Custody (COC)... » Read more


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