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2007: A booming year for Genevieve Lethu

Genevieve Lethu is a leading brand within the sector for table art and it had a particularly dynamic year in 2007. The efforts undertaken to restructure the business following poor results in 2000 have proven to be very effective.

A new team took over the management of the company in 2002 triggering a considerable number of innovative changes. Priority was put on repositioning the brand on a market which is highly competitive and where consumers tend to look for practical, user friendly and good value decorations.
This was then followed by a number of other steps: supply channels were streamlined to enable prices to be reduced, product collections were linked together and modernized, a new boutique concept (more vivid, better managed, more attractive) was launched and new outlets were set up on the edge of cities, for example in large shopping centres.

These efforts have clearly paid off: Genevieve Lethu is now planning to launch 7 new shops in France this year. Moreover, as the brand is proving to be so popular, it is also intending to open up outlets on international markets, such as in Spain, Luxembourg and Romania. It is currently in the process of building up its contacts in Russia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Audrey Caudron

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