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Description of franchise system

The revolution in carpet cleaning

Zero Dry Time is a revolutionary upholstery and dry carpet cleaning system that stands at the forefront of the industry. Our innovative dry organic system eliminates the use of moisture from the cleaning process, and makes wet carpets and waiting time a thing of the past. Carpets can be immediately put back at their place right after our cleaning.

We eliminate stains, mould, damp smells, and mildews effectively, and sanitize the carpets with our safe, non-toxic oxygen powered products. The results are astonishing, and customers who have once seen the difference will never let their carpets clean anywhere else. But, the Zero Dry Time method goes even one step further. We don't just clean the surface like conventional methods, but lift dirt from the bottom and remove it effectively.

On the other hand, traditional wet methods even support the development of mould and can lead to a number of illnesses caused by mould. For allergic persons, Zero Dry Time is the only way to live well with carpets in their home.

Here are some benefits of our method:

  • No shrinkage of the carpet or upholstery
  • Removal of smells
  • Sanitization
  • Effective removal of spots and spills
  • Non drying time, of course! 
  • Significant reduction of allergens, dust mites, and mould

Zero Dry Time can even reduce cat allergens by 85% and remove permanent ink! We don't use any harmful substances at all for cleaning, but only the very best substance on our planet: oxygen.

Franchise concept

Zero wasted Time

Read on to find out more about the Zero Dry Time franchise opportunity - it won't be a waste of time, that's for sure! We are totally dedicated to franchising, and we're very pleased that you are considering our exciting franchise opportunity. Zero Dry Time provides a franchise support that's second to none , and our franchise package is full of everything you'll need to start your business successfully:

  • exclusive franchise territory
  • four latest state-of-the-art cleaning machines
  • one week of on the job training
  • Leather and Upholstery cleaning products
  • our innovative carpet cleaning products
  • Customer database management
  • Full stain and spot remover kit
  • Branded Folder
  • Job Sheets
  • Marketing pack
  • Stationary pack
  • Daily telephone support
  • eLearning portal
  • Carpet Club membership
  • the right to operate your business under the Zero Dry Time brand name

Zero Dry Time is a lucrative business opportunity that will enable you to take control of your future and build a valuable business.

Franchise partner profile

The right time is now!

Zero Dry Time is the ideal franchise opportunity for people from all walks of life. What we are looking for in a franchisee is motivation, dedication, commitment, and a desire to succeed. Contact us if you have those qualities!

Zero Dry Time

carpet cleaning

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