mobile car care services and Smart repair

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Franchise - TWINTOP
mobile car care services and Smart repair - Franchise
mobile car care services and Smart repair - Franchise
mobile car care services and Smart repair - Franchise
mobile car care services and Smart repair - Franchise

Business concept

The main areas of business are car-cleaning services using methods which are particularly gentle on car paintwork, repairing damage to car paintwork, removing dents in cars using technology which does not damage the paint, repairing or installing car windows, repairing damage in car interiors etc.

Our well thought-out marketing measures mean that we have a high number of loyal customers. Twintop customers are spoilt by our partners’ services, by their punctuality and by the quality of their work. It is not surprising, therefore, that our partners mostly deal with company cars which fall in the luxury car bracket.

However, Twintop is not only able to clean cars. It can also clean lorries, planes, caravans or boats.

One of our main targets is to ensure that our network has professional employees and partners working in it. To achieve this, we provide high quality training courses alongside our cleaning services. The courses are held in our company’s own training centre.

Should you be interested in and suitable for our system, then you are invited to visit a Twintop partner for a few days, free of charge, to get an idea of the business. You have the opportunity to see the basic activities of a mobile car care service business as well as the way the Twintop marketing works. You can ask the partners all the questions you have about Twintop. After this, you and we can then decide whether we are suited to each other.

You can choose between becoming a partner for a trial period or becoming a full partner straight away. There are only two restrictions if you become a partner for a trial period: the longest possible trial period is 9 months and you cannot participate in the Smart repair courses. During the trial period, however, you can switch to a full partnership whenever you want in order to be able to take part in the whole of the Twintop training programme. Thus, you have the opportunity to test out the Twintop business concept yourself and keep the costs down. If you prove to be a success, then you can become a full partner.

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