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Description of franchise system

Living in the Sun

Sunlight is the energy that nourishes life on earth. Our body can't absorb vitamins without enough sunlight. Sunlight can contribute to healing depressions and many skin diseases - and it makes us look great and healthy.

The Tanning Shop is the No.1 tanning expert with highest hygienic levels and state-of-the-art tanning technology. We help people to get tanned quickly in a responsible and healthy way. The Tanning Shop works with a biometric finger print technology to ensure that customers adhere to the 24 hours restriction between two tanning sessions.

Our highly trained staff recognizes unsuitable skin types at a glance and advise against tanning. Every The Tanning Shop customer receives a detailed, personal consultation on his or her skin type and lifestyle. Based on this consultation, our staff recommends an individual tanning plan. We comply strictly with the prohibition of tanning for under 18’s, but we offer them discounts on our tanning without UV light services.

Our tanning services include:
• UV Stand Up
• Mystic Spray Tan
• Automated UV free Spray Tan
• UV Lay Down
• Amazon Waxing
• Professionally applied UV free tanning

Our The Tanning Shop locations sell a range of beauty products to enhance the tanning effect and push the body. Our products include:
• Californian Tan Lotion
• Fake Tan Products
• After Care Lotion
• Sun Protection Products
• I-Tan Products
• Slimming Products
• Vitamin D3 Spray

Franchise concept

A place in the sun

The Tanning Shop has grown from a family business to a nation-wide network of successful franchisees, who help people in their area to catch some rays. The demand for tanning is continuously increasing, despite tightened laws. The public dispute about the risks of tanning has created an enormous demand for healthy, premium quality tanning.

And this is exactly the market in which The Tanning Shop is operating. We are perfectly positioned to benefit from this development with an outstanding reputation for customer service and professional advice. Our franchisees also benefit from our national campaigns, which draw a lot of attention to The Tanning Shop and attract new customers.

The Tanning Shop is a repeated business, as most people who visit The Tanning Shop once, become regular customers. The Tanning Shop is also a recession-resistant business as people prefer to stay at home and get tanned in a studio instead of going abroad for summer holidays in rough economic times.

Franchise partner profile

Come on the sunny side of business life!

We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs, who want to open a The Tanning Shop franchise business in their area. If you are able to lead and motivate a team, manage a business, and satisfy customers, please get in touch with us soon!

The Tanning Shop

professional tanning and skincare

Open website

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