The Beautiful Bling Compay

distribution of costume jewellery to salons

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Description of franchise system

A bling bling business

THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY is an independent jeweler, which supplies flashy accessories to local Beauty and Hair salons. We source our jewelry from overseas and present them in local stores on exclusive cabinets.

Today, THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY is an established premium quality jewelry supplier. Besides exclusive jewelry, we also offer associated lines. Before THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY, the jewelry market was divided into two segments: a cheap and tacky looking segment and an expensive, high class market, too expensive for most women.

THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY fills the gap in between those two markets by offering inexpensive, but elegant and unusual accessories and jewelry. The unique THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY concept allows women to shop for jewelry while taking some quality time for themselves at the hairdresser, beauty salon or gym.

Our product range includes:
• necklaces
• bracelets
• earrings
• barrettes
• rings
• brooches
• watches
• pendants
• bling bags
• fashion jewelry
• bridal accessories
• prom accessories
• collars
• jewelry for men
• jewelry for kids

Fashion magazines like the famous 'Cosmopolitan' have been reporting on THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY and the possibility to buy inexpensive but unique jewelry. THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY offer jewelry and accessories for women of all ages and with every kind of personal style.

Franchise concept

Our proven and shiny franchise concept

Our concept is simple and profitable for everyone involved. Our franchisees stock products in local salons and the shop owners earn a commission from every sold piece of jewelry. Salon owners like to offer our products in their shops, because they are an additional income stream.

THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY franchise package has been tried and tested in a special test franchise area. Our franchise operation has proven its profitable efficiency during this test and we had the chance to improve our products and enhance our operation.

THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY is a franchise opportunity which requires only low overheads, because you don't need to rent a shop or an office. You can operate your business from home and schedule your daily work around your personal needs and preferences.

You will of course be assigned your own exclusive franchise territory , where you'll be the only one operating under the  THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY brand. Of course, you'll receive an intensive training as part of our comprehensive franchise package. Our start up package will help you to get started.

Franchise partner profile

Have you got the bling?

THE BEAUTIFUL BLING COMPANY is looking for women with a passion for beautiful jewelry. If you have good communication skills, an open and friendly personality and the ability to get along with all kind of people, get in touch with right now and start to bling!


The Beautiful Bling Compa...

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The Beautiful Bling Compay

distribution of costume jewellery to salons

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