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Description of franchise system

With over 500.000 clients worldwide having experienced the success of the SureSlim personalized eating plan.
SureSlim offers a revolutionary concept which not only guarantees weight loss but has added medical benefits by reducing cholesterol and correcting glucose metabolism.
SureSlim is long established and has a proven record in helping clients lose weight healthily, effectively, long term and safely.
We provide individualized dietary plans and general lifestyle advice for weight loss on a one to one basis, following review of our clients details by a independent and experienced clinician with 20+ years expertise in chemical pathology and metabolism in the NHS and private sector.
Dietary advice is based on scientific and medical data and advice from our nutrition experts.
The plans take into account your weight, state of health, medical history, food dislikes and the results of a detailed blood screen before and during your weight loss.
Blood tests are organized by us to check for cholesterol, thyroid, sugar and other potential disorders that may influence weight and which helps in tailoring each plan correctly. The plans include one to one support for guidance and motivation together with nutritional and medical advice throughout.
A medically backed eating plan that corrects glucose metabolism by stimulating or suppressing the hormones that control body weight.
Your first step to Weight Loss is to have a comprehensive blood test, which looks at you as an individual - we create weight loss plans that are unique to your physiology. Using a fasting blood test, we test for full blood count, liver and kidney function, lipids, glucose, and thyroid function to ascertain exactly what weight loss plan is best for you! A copy of your blood results will be provided for your GP to ensure your medical notes are always up-to-date.
The SureSlim doctor screens your blood test for abnormalities and the results of your test are used to design your personal weight loss programme.

Franchise concept

Expand your existing business or enjoy the independence and satisfaction of starting your own franchise business with us.
Health and wellness are at the heart of the weight loss programme.
You will tailor a diet plan that teaches your clients how to feed their body properly so that they start burning fat, instead of storing it.
The SureSlim Diet plans use only natural, unprocessed foods that can be purchased at any supermarket. The diet plan will be nutritionally balanced, consisting of proteins, high-quality fats, and a controlled reduction in carbohydrates, specifically for the purposes of weight loss  high quality fats are an essential part of a healthy diet!
There are no pills, shakes, pre-packaged foods or injections, our plans are constructed around what your clients like and what is good for the body.

Franchise partner profile

SureSlim are looking for self motivated go-getters with commitment and drive to join our expanding business.
If you are looking for a great franchise opportunity and love helping other people, then you should contact us!



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weight and wellness specialises

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