Confidential data destruction and Archiving services.

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Franchise - REISSWOLF
Confidential data destruction and Archiving services.  - Franchise

Description of franchise system

The safety experts

Our motto: Better caring for safety than being sorry. REISSWOLF was the first provider for professional data security in Europe. Today, we are the unrivalled market leader in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Sweden. The Group is subdivided into REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH and REISSWOLF International AG.

REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH coordinates the activities of the German partners. The aim of the concern is to provide international leading edge security services which set new standards in data protection. The ongoing revolution of data management and the growing data volume has pointed out the need for a highly responsible service provider.

And on this background our company was build in 1985 in Hamburg. And this was exactly what public bodies, companies, and private individuals had been waiting for so long. REISSWOLF took the growing demand for overall security standards very seriously. Because of the international expansion of numerous businesses and due to a more and more internet-based communication, our established standards needed to be given a comprehensive validity.

Our newly founded REISSWOLF International company thus started providing its logistical and technical expertise through our franchise system. And it was a huge success. Very soon, our head office at Hamburg was able to receive more than fifty new franchisees. This flexible dynamism is just one reason why REISSWOLF leads today’s market for trustworthy document destruction.

Franchise concept

Be a market leader

REISSWOLF’s key to success is a compact service chain which covers all security gaps. Following our proven systems on data archiving, protection, and disposal, we've developed a franchise agreement that's based on our personal security concept.

REISSWOLF provides its customers with security containers that can be filled, in the secure knowledge that all data is protected from any unauthorized access. REISSWOLF uses only vehicles with our proprietary, self-containing security structures for the transport of documents. And we also go one step further: we empty containers only in monitored and sealed security locks.

In addition to the destruction of sensitive data, REISSWOLF can also dispose of all waste materials of a company, including packaging, electronic scrap, polystyrene, waste paper, furniture, and even fluorescent tubes. Suitable disposal can also be assured for confiscated customs goods and piracy products.

Our franchisees have established themselves as market leaders in the sector of safe destruction and archiving of data and documents in most European countries. Our goal for the coming years is to establish a network of highly qualified and motivated franchisees at important locations. You can only benefit from this aim.

Franchise partner profile


A REISSWOLF franchisee should be a distinct business personality and have experience in sales. You need to enjoy meeting people and have a good economic understanding. A close affinity to security issues and leadership experience will help you to grow your own successful business.


Confidential data destruction and Archiving services.

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