Redline Recruitment

specialist for recruiting temporary logistics staff and drivers

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Description of franchise system

A new flexibility in logistics

Redline Recruitment is the specialist for recruiting temporary logistics staff and drivers . Our company was a family run business when we started, and we still feel  bound to the high values of family businesses. The Redline Recruitment brand is well established in the logistic industry as a provider of excellent staff. Our widely recognized brand has gained a reputation for a brilliant management and trustworthy staff.

Our proven systems enable us to find the suitable candidate for any job quickly and efficiently. The logistics industry is the foundation of all other businesses with an annual turnover of £8.5 billion in the UK alone, and the market is still growing exponentially. With a progressive globalization and products being exchanged from all over the world every day, logistics is the most important factor in our economy today.

Most logistics companies are trying to find more flexible staffing solutions to be able to fulfill new jobs quickly without paying a huge, salaried staff. Redline Recruitment provides logistic companies with flexible, temporary staff, a service that's in huge demand.

We have an annual turnover of more than £5 million, proving the strong trend towards temporary recruitment in logistics. Redline Recruitment is already operating successfully within the logistics recruitment sector for more than twelve years, and we've survived the economic crisis without losing any strength.

Franchise concept

A profitable opportunity

With a Redline Recruitment franchise business, you can enter the highly profitable logistics recruitment sector under a strong brand name. Most of our franchisees generate annual profits of £1 million by their third year of operation already. The target line for your first year of operation will be a turnover of £500,000. Seems unrealistic? No, not at all. You will only need to acquire nine regular customers to achieve this turnover.

And, we're providing you with already existing customers for your area, so you'll already have up to three of this customers already from day one on! before you start your operation, our head office team will contact leading distribution and logistics companies within your territory and sign contracts with them for you. Our motivated team will also support you in launching local marketing campaigns to win new customers and promote your services.

During the months of operation, you won't need any staff. But, usually franchisees employ already five recruitment consultants by year five. All of the necessary equipment will be delivered to you as part of our franchise package. Opening a retail fronted office at a highly frequented location close to the town center will be a good idea at some point and increase your sales further.

Our franchise training covers every aspect of running a Redline Recruitment franchise business , including:

  • Temp and Driver Recruitment Training
  • Business Training
  • Operations and Sales Training
  • Technical Training

Franchise partner profile

What do I need to join?

You don't need previous experiences in recruitment or logistics management, but of course this would significantly facilitate your start into business. The Redline Recruitment franchise opportunity is for anyone, who's dynamic and has the right motivation.

Redline Recruitment

specialist for recruiting temporary logistics staff and drivers

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