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Description of franchise system

Saving money while donating

People have always loved to save money, and with the current recession, people are even more trying to find new ways to save money. Peel 2 Save is a brand new coupon business that provides customers with sixty-four discount coupons for local businesses within their area. In contrast to many other traditional coupon booklets, Peel 2 Save is no more bigger than a credit card and can be stored easily in a purse or wallet.

Therefore, customers will always have their coupons with them and won't forget to use them and safe lots of money. Peel 2 Safe is sold for £10/booklet, but it contains discounts for more than £300! And, even more importantly, with buying a Peel 2 Safe booklet, customers support local charities and institutions such as churches, schools, hospices, or sports clubs. Peel 2 Safe is an excellent way to raise money for good causes, while also promotion local businesses. For the local businesses involved, Peel 2 Safe is a free advertising medium and effective promotion.

From our experience we can tell that the redemption rates are about forty percent, which is extremely high for coupons, and promotions in general. Customers will recognize that a business is involved in raising money for local good causes. Additionally, local businesses don't have to pay any fees or do any work. They simply contact us and we'll do all the rest - for free! Our booklets are professionally designed and printed in full color with easy to peel off coupons.

Franchise concept

Everybody wins

Peel 2 Safe is an ideal opportunity for organizations such as local charities, music clubs, sports clubs, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and other non-profit associations. Peel 2 Safe is also an effective way to raise money for institutions like schools, hospices, churches, kindergartens, or homes for animals. The concept is quiet simple: you sell Peel 2 Save booklets, customers save money, local businesses profit from increasing sales, and you earn £5 per booklet for your organization or good cause.

With Peel 2 Save, everybody wins! Selling our booklets is a much more easier and effective way to raise money than to ask for donations. And usually, there are hundreds of booklets sold within only two or three weeks! Therefore, you can raise a huge amount of money for your good causes within a very short time. You won't have to make an investment to start selling Peel 2 Safe booklets, you will simply share the revenue with us.

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Peel 2 Safe booklets are exclusively sold by non-profit groups, so please contact us only if you're looking for a new way to raise money for good causes.


coupon business

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