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Description of franchise system

An exploding surprise

With numerous occasions for a present throughout the years, people are regularly running out of ideas what to give to their loved ones. My Chocolate Explosion is the sweet solution to this problem. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves a great surprise. My Chocolate Explosion is a combination of both: tasty chocolate and a funny surprise.

My Chocolate Explosion is the perfect gift for every age and occasion. It's available with chocolate or other sweets in a wide range of colors and with various accessories. Each Chocolate Explosion is individually made by hand and mixed according to the customers' preferences. So, what is a Chocolate Explosion ..?

Well, delicious sweets or tasty chocolates are attached to a steam and then mixed with colorful accessories such as streamers, bands, or lanyards. The stem is hidden in a beautiful container which makes it look as if the accessories and sweets are exploding out of it. We have a wide range of sweets and accessories to choose from, including:

  • fruit flavored lollypops
  • wrapped toffee
  • fruit flavored candies
  • Cadburys Twirl
  • Milky way
  • fruity pops
  • traditional fruit drops
  • Chunky Kit Kat
  • Chomp bars
  • super-fizz swizzlers
  • Twix
  • Cadburys Buttons
  • Curly Wurly
  • Cadburys Dairy Milk
  • Crunchie
  • Mars
  • giant size lollies
  • Bounty
  • Fudge
  • Milky bar
  • Freddo
  • graffitti lollies
  • Aero

We also offer individually wrapped treats. Just image how huge this opportunity is! With every birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, corporate events, Mother and Fathers days, Easter, every party and dinner invitation being a perfect occasion to buy a Chocolate Explosion .

Franchise concept

Start smiling

My Chocolate Explosion is a business that will make your customers smile. And it will make you smile because you're making people happy and earning a sound income at the same time. While many business owners have to struggle with unsatisfied clients, My Chocolate Explosion will put your customers in a good mood. You can operate your business from home and choose your own hours, making My Chocolate Explosion a very flexible business opportunity.

 It's also a recession-proof investment, because even during the economic crisis, the sweet and chocolate sales grew. It seems that people tend to buy more sweets during bad economic times to cheer themselves up. We will help you to establish a loyal customer base, establish and grow your business through our detailed training program and ongoing support from our head office team.

Franchise partner profile

A mummy business

My Chocolate Explosion is a franchise opportunity that's especially suitable for mothers who are looking for a way to earn some money and self-actualize, while still having enough time to spend with their family. If you want to make people smile, and start smiling yourself, contact us for more information.

My Chocolate Explosion

chocolate franchise

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