monkey puzzle

day nurseries for children aged three months to five years

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Description of franchise system

A lovely place for young children

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries are the place where parents can leave their children with a peace of mind, knowing that they will have a lot of fun in a lovely and caring environment. Everyone at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries is highly qualified and trained, but, most importantly, friendly and caring.

The demand for nursery places is huge as mothers returning to work need to find a warm and stimulating environment for their children. Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries is designed for children aged between three and five years and for babies.

We are working in the premium quality childcare sector, offering emotional support and encouragement on growth and development to our children. Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries is not only a place where children spend the time until their mummy picks them up, it's an inspiring environment with beloved friends where they are assisted in their personal development process. At each Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, we have different facilities to stimulate the children, including:

  • literacy and numeracy areas
  • a computer area
  • a creative corner
  • a messy play area
  • a reading corner
  • a cozy sleep area
  • a circle time area
  • our home corner
  • learning toilets and sinks

At Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries we also take great pride in the high quality of food that we serve our children. We only serve fresh, balanced meals and we encourage the children to try new foods every day .

Franchise concept

Our opportunity

We're excited about the outstanding demand for our services and the enormous growth that Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries has experienced over the past years. We wish to continue our success story with new franchise locations and are currently in the process of recruiting new franchisees .

Anyone who has been considering a childcare business knows that there are many statutory regulations. Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries has the knowledge and expertise to not only fulfill but exceed the requirements, and we'll support you in this issue. A Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries franchise business is a management opportunity, with the franchisee focusing on the promotion of their business and the acquirement of new customers.

But if you enjoy working with children and are burning to get involved personally in your Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries, it can also be a hands-on opportunity. In fact, most of our franchisees are also actively taking care of their small clients.

The Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries franchise package includes:

  • initial setting up
  • a comprehensive training program
  • support on the staff recruitment process
  • local publicity
  • an excellent back-up programme
  • advice on best practice
  • support for a sound financial performance

Franchise partner profile

To you want to join the Monkey family?

There are currently Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries franchise territories available for sale. If you believe that you can demonstrate the drive and skills to launch and run a successful Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries franchise , please contact us to secure your exclusive territory!

monkey puzzle

day nurseries for children aged three months to five years

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