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Description of franchise system

Who doesn't know and love the big red M?
McDonald's is the world's largest and most recognizable fast food brand. As you probably know, we are a franchise fast-food restaurant.
Recently McDonald’s has seen record growth within the market place, contrary to the economic climate. This success is largely down to our unwavering commitment to our local franchisees.
We continue to invest in them and this in turn gives our franchisees the confidence to make the changes to help them grow their business. Our confidence in our franchisee community pays dividends for both them and us and it has resulted in over two million more customers per month coming through our doors in the UK alone.
Our investment in a new modern look for our restaurants has significantly lifted sales.
Furthermore, we’ve invested in technologies that enable our franchisees to offer free Wi-Fi and cashless payments, all of which helps to upgrade the overall customer experience.
In short, it’s a confident picture of an ever-growing brand. Becoming a franchisee partner makes sound economic sense whichever way you look at it - ours is a modern, progressive and successful franchising brand.

Franchise concept

Join us as a franchisee and you'll benefit from a first class training programme to help you take advantage of our proven system. You'll get ongoing support and advice to help progress you and your business throughout your twenty year term.
After several interviews, if we're both sure that a McDonald's franchise is right for you, you'll embark on your training programme which typically takes nine months. This involves visiting and working in several restaurants as well as classroom-based tuition.
Running a McDonald's franchise means running it. The role would vary from working in the restaurant and preparing the food to dealing with marketing and making critical business decisions. It is emphatically hands on. You will be leading your team and ensuring that at all times, the customers visiting your restaurant enjoy the highest standards on each and every visit.
And it doesn't end there. We encourage all of our franchisees to be active in the community. Usually, they support community programs like local junior football teams or issues relating to the environment. So you can see, it's as much about earning respect within and outside your restaurant as it is about earning money.

Franchise partner profile

Being honest, becoming a McDonald's franchisee is not for everyone. It's a long term commitment. You'll need significant financial investment combined with a hard working and hands-on approach to running a customer-orientated business.
There's more to running a McDonald's franchise than serving burgers and French fries - much more. You'll need a remarkable aptitude for connecting and communicating with people.
We're not trying to put you off - we just want you to be aware of some of the realities before you go further.
One of the best ways to learn more about being a franchisee is to come and talk to us.



McDonald's franchise: innovative restaurant structure for the London games

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McDonald’s franchise takes customers on a virtual tour of its business

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McDonald's franchisees to create 2,500 new UK jobs in 2012

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McDonald's takes a further step towards reaching zero waste to landfill goal

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McDonald's Deutschland LLC

quick service restaurant

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