Mathematic fundamentals teaching for children

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Description of franchise system

Math can be fun!

It's a law of nature that children hate math lessons at school. And most children have a really hard time learning mathematics at school, struggling with all the numbers and calculation methods. Mathjogs is a completely different approach to mathematics.

You might not believe it - but, it's fun! Mathjogs motivates children to think logically and enjoy playing with numbers. Our classes are held in a friendly atmosphere and encourage children through fun exercises and self-esteem building practices.

Children learn how to solve problems and improve their mathematical skills. Our focus is especially on girls, with the mission to end the gender bias in mathematics. All of our materials have been developed by a qualified team of cognitive psychologists, educators and mathematicians.

Mathjogs classes do not only help children at school and improve their results, but also stimulate the growth of neuronal connections and new synapses. And this dramatically improves the cogitation of children in all areas.

One of the most important factors of Mathjogs is that in our classes, children are never bored . Instead they have a great time with  music, games, movement, and exciting songs stories. Our methodology is designed for children from four years on.

Each Mathjog group is comprised of only five to eight children. This way, our teachers can focus on the individual needs of all children.

Franchise concept

Business can be fun, too!

The Mathjogs method is one of the most talked-about educational sensation worldwide. As a franchisee, you'll benefit from this reputation and easily gain attention from the local media and parents in your area.

Cognitive skills and mathematical understanding are important factors in today's business world and an increasing number of parents pays great attention to the extracurricular education of their children. For a proven and renowned method like Mathjogs, the potential customer base is huge.

Mathjogs is also a personally rewarding business as you'll actively contribute to the development of our future generation. You'll help young children to gain self-confidence and acquire skills that they will benefit from their entire life. Of course, we'll intensively prepare you for this mission.

Our training program is one of the most detailed courses in the industry and covers all aspects of a Mathjogs business - organization, administration and pedagogic expertise. As a Mathjogs franchisees you'll have access to our professional promotional material and you'll receive ongoing marketing and management support.

Franchise partner profile

Can you imagine becoming a math-fan?

We aren't looking for mathematical masterminds. Mathjogs is the perfect franchise opportunity for friendly, communicative, enthusiastic individuals, who love working with children and thrive personal satisfaction from their progress.

If you can also demonstrate the ability to manage a business and lead a team, please contact us to bring the Mathjogs training to your community !



Mathjogs – encouraging young children to enjoy the world of mathematics

The company, Mathjogs, provides classes teaching mathematics to children aged between 4 and 10. The classes are, the company says, fun, playful and based on the latest developments in the field of ... » Read more


Mathematic fundamentals teaching for children

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