Little Impressions

casting technique to create a 3 dimensional image of children's hands

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Description of franchise system

Lasting Impressions

Even in our advanced Western Societies with birth rates that are just on a replacement level, there are 800,000 babies every year. Thus, the potential market for our business consists of four million 0 - five year olds and eight million 0 - ten year olds. Even at a conservative five percent conversion rate, Little Impressions franchisees all have a sound business within an easily manageable, local radius.

Just think of all those grandparents, parents, and also godparents who'd love to get a Little Impressions set for birthdays , Christmas, christenings, Fathers' and Mothers' days. And, almost all customers that have once taken a Little Impressions, come back for another session with their second and third babies. Most parents don't focus on the price when it comes to their small ones.

But still, our frame sets and cast are competitively priced, exactly at the level that won't break the bank but is discretionary. Customers are impressed by our professionally manufactured and designed Little Impressions frames and castings and our professional equipment.

Franchise concept

A friendly partnership

The Little Impressions concept is attractive, bright, and very professional. Little Impressions addresses a specific market sector for our service. The benefits of our franchise opportunity are now available to the right individuals to complement our network. The Little Impressions company is managed and owned by experienced, business-minded people.

Our motivated headquarters team in South London coordinates all central functions for the network, including marketing, accounting, and operations. Our central website incorporates direct links to our franchisees and general product information. The website provides useful and swift service information, and indicates the nearest franchise outlet and gives an overview on the Little Impressions services.

We are currently working on more interactive services for our website, including a protected intranet page for our franchisees. An intranet website will speed up the dissemination of latest information through our franchise network and will easily provide franchisees with training updates and news. We're also planning to introduce a new e-commerce web base to create additional opportunities and maximize the nearness between franchisees and customers.

Starting a Little Impressions franchise business, means to invest in a proven business concept and to receive the exclusive right to build a Little Impressions business in your area. You'll receive access to manuals, intellectual property, detailed training, public relations, marketing, and merchandising campaigns. You'll get ongoing support from our development team and you'll benefit from our exclusive purchasing programs.

Our turnkey franchise package guarantees a hassle-free start, including the supply and preparation of your own, fully equipped workshop. Of course, we'll provide assistance in the launch and setting up of your franchise business. And if you wish to expand your business - go ahead, we're with you!

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Start an enjoyable business

We are an ambitious brand that is seeking likeminded, motivated individuals to join our network and share in our success!


Little Impressions (UK)

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Little Impressions

casting technique to create a 3 dimensional image of children's hands

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