modern laser technology

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Description of franchise system

Scientifically grounded laser beauty treatments

Everybody wants to look good, healthy, and fit. But we don't always have the time to do lots of sports and to eat healthy. That's why many women suffer from problem areas that they would love to lose but that resist training and diet. Weary, flag skin and wrinkles are a problem for men and women from the thirties on.

Until now, the only solution to this common problems was plastic surgery, but most people would not go that far because they fear the risks of an operation. Now, modern laser technology can help millions of women to get the body they've always dreamt of. Our cold laser doesn't require a recovery period and/or downtime. Customers can simply get an effective laser treatment , and go on with their everyday life as before. But we can do so much more than just treating problem areas. Our treatments are:

  • Body Shaping
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Fat Reduction
  • Face Rejuvenation

Laser-It Technologies doesn't even require a visit at a studio. Our specialists visit customers at home, where they can enjoy a relaxing treatment. Our cold laser technology combines low level laser with bio-stimulations to deliver excellent results. Lasers are successfully used for more than forty years now in medicine and cosmetics.

Laser light can penetrate the skin and stimulate processes of the cellular metabolism. This can support natural rejuvenation and improve the skin. Laser-It Technologies also offers a wide range of professional aftercare products. The potential market is huge. According to estimations of analysts, there will be spend over one billion pounds on cosmetic surgery during the next years. Our methods are designed to fit in the hectic, modern lifestyle of people today, and they are a cost effective alternative to invasive surgery.

Franchise concept

Potential customers EVERYWHERE!

A Laser-It Technologies franchise business requires only low initial start-up costs, low overheads, and low running costs. But the potential earnings are huge! You can individually tailor your Laser-It Technologies franchise according to your needs and preferences. The business can be operated on a full or part time basis, from home with a mobile service or from a studio.

You can integrate a Laser-It Technologies franchise into your existing cosmetic studio or start a brand new business. The business is easy to run and you can choose your own hours. And, with EVERYONE being a potential client, the opportunity is huge.

Franchise partner profile

Women rule the business

Previous experiences in surgery, cosmetics, or laser technology aren't required to operate a successful Laser-It Technologies franchise business. We are looking for multi talented individuals who want to become their own boss.

Laser-It Technologies is suitable for women and mothers who want to go back to work or run a part-time business . You need to be an energetic personality with good organizational skills. Contact us to start a beautiful business!


modern laser technology

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