Kieser Training

institute for weight/power training

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Description of franchise system

A strong brand

With people all over the world suffering from backache, pain in the knees, and hardening of the neck and shoulder area, there's a huge demand for effective, long-term cure from the typical diseases of modern pencil pushers. Kieser Training is the answer to all of those problems.

Our health-focused strength training concept builds up strength therapeutically and prevents backache and all other painful diseases caused by weak muscles and bones. Yes, bones. Our strength training is based on intensive medical studies and can even lead to stronger bones, preventing Osteoporoses and many other age-related diseases.

 Lack of exercise and passivity, often caused by our modern lifestyle with cars, working in an office, and only few natural movement, can result in bodies that don't work properly anymore, and most diseases which are commonly called 'age-related' are in fact caused by the replacement of muscle by fat. Kieser Training differs from traditional training at fitness clubs in the high quality of training instruction, training facilities, and underlying concept. We focus on health, not just on looks.

Kieser Training will significantly improve posture, well-being, mobility, strength, and health. We target all major muscle groups and the important core muscles. Kieser Training is a holistic, medical, therapeutic, and preventive strength training and no superficial fast-track to a washboard stomach. Of course, being fit and healthy will make our clients look much better, but our main goal is to make them FEEL better. All of our equipment is the result of extensive, ongoing research and has been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

 Our specially designed therapeutic machines are built on basis of ergonomic principles, and they can effectively support the healing process of sport injuries and Osteoporoses. Kieser Training is more than just a sports studio. We are researchers in the fields of anatomy, muscle, bone, and sports science.

Franchise concept

Working for health

Kieser Training has been an immediate success since its launch in 1967. Today, Kieser Training is operating successfully in more than nine countries worldwide. If you want to join our network of motivated franchisees and open your own Kieser Training studio , you will receive intensive support in all aspects of the business.

You will take part in our initial training program, and work in a training facility for a minimum of three months. We will support you in finding suitable premises for your Kieser Training center and assist you during the start up process. All equipment will be specifically designed Kieser machines. We are offering both single franchises in countries where Kieser training is already established, and Master Franchises for completely untapped regions.

Franchise partner profile

The necessary qualifications

Kieser Training is the ideal franchise opportunity for people with a good education, preferably a university degree. We are looking for individuals with previous experiences in business operation and marketing, and excellent social skills. You need to be well organized and highly motivated. if you're willing to follow our proven systems and methods, please contact us.

Kieser Training

institute for weight/power training

Open website

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