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solution for reducing energy costs

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Description of franchise system

Reducing engery costs...

With increasing costs for energy, almost all business struggle with their energy costs today. While taxes are also increasing and the market becomes more competitive and international, Energy Guardian offers a solution for reducing energy costs and saving lots of money. But not only costs reduction is important. We're on the edge of a new era, an era that requires efficient management of our energy resources.

Raw materials are not endless, and effective, renewable solutions for the energetic requirements of our technology-dependent world have not been perfected yet. Energy Guardian can achieve energy savings for companies of up to 40% ! There are numerous companies can will find the cheapest supplier for businesses, but this doesn't solve the actual problem, it only reduces costs for a limited time period. Energy Guardian is part of the large Enistic group, with access to all resources and the expertise of the group.

Customers can individually choose who much we work. We can either take the complete problem away from them and present a solution in the end, or we work closely together with a responsible person from the company Energy Guardian provides a range of innovative services , including an iPhone App and online resources. Before we start to calculate possible savings, we measure accurately the energy consumption of every single module. Our simple, but very effective method has already been successful applied to more than 200 businesses all over the UK. We also sell latest state-of-the-art smart-metering components and starter kits for professional energy-saving.

Franchise concept

...saving our planet....

We provide all of our franchisees with a powerful software package to help them manage their business efficiently and create detailed reports and analysis for their clients. Our specially developed smart-metering hardware will enable you to measure the energy consumption of all modules accurately and locate weak spots exactly. You will be operating under our established brand name and with our proven systems and methods.

You will receive detailed, ongoing support and regular updates on new technologies and innovations. Energy Guardian franchisees operate within their exclusive, protected territory that includes 5,000 to 10,000 companies. You will also provide energy coachings to local businesses and generate an additional revenue stream from this. Energy Guardian is a highly ethical business, a franchise opportunity that can contribute to the protection of our environment.

Franchise partner profile

...and running a profitable business

To run a successful Energy Guardian business , you should be communicative and enjoy meeting new people. You don't have to be an expert in technology, but you should be able to understand the basic principles and be willing to learn how our systems work. We are looking for people who are prepared to make a long-term commitment, with a minimum duration of five years.

We have developed a specific online test for potential candidates to find out if Energy Guardian is the right franchise opportunity for you. Take some minutes to fill in our test and get in touch with us, if the result is a positive one!

Energy Guardian

solution for reducing energy costs

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