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Description of franchise system

An underestimated marketing tool 

Leaflets and flyers are universal marketing tools, low priced, effective, and fast. But good leaflet and flyer distribution is rocket science. That's why people commonly believe that good leaflet distribution cannot be cheap.

DOR-2-DOR has perfected the science of reasonably priced:

  • Leaflet Distribution
  • Door Drop Marketing
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Leaflet delivery
  • Flyer Delivery
  • Letterbox Marketing

The demand for our services is enormous and continuously growing. In the UK, 80% of the top advertisers regularly use Leaflet Distribution to promote their brand. And despite of the internet boom, door to door promotion is still the most effective way of communication. The DOR-2-DOR systems have been perfected over the past decades, and today our distribution is extremely effective, offering our clients great value for money. The most important thing about door drop marketing is the reliability of the distribution.

A common problem is that most flyer distribution companies employ students and pupils, who are often bored by their job and simply make the leaflets disappear instead of dropping each and every flyer of in the letterboxes.
At DOR-2-DOR, we only work with trustworthy adults, who are regularly monitored and controlled by our solid back-checking system. Our purchasers notice the difference soon. With DOR-2-DOR the feedback and customer flow increases distinctly. We are able to deliver faster, more flexible and more cost effective than the mail.

Franchise concept

If you have been considering buying a franchise business, then you already know that franchising is the fastest and safest business entry. DOR-2-DOR is totally committed to franchising and the leaflet distribution sector is the most effective marketing tool available today.

The potential market for a DOR-2-DOR franchise business is huge. Every craftsman, every company, every restaurant, all the small takeaways, each club and every shop in your area is a potential customer for your new business.

DOR-2-DOR is a franchise business that produces high profit margins, but requires only a low investment and low start-up costs. For your investment, you'll receive a turn-key franchise package, which includes everything you need to get started. The DOR-2-DOR franchise package includes:

  • a comprehensive training program
  • our proprietary business management software
  • ongoing expert support
  • assistance for your local launch
  • a branded stationery
  • marketing backup
  • territory mapping

You will be able to work from home, or from a small office, if you prefer this. As a franchisee, it will be your job to recruit a reliable team of delivery staff and to ensure the high quality of your delivering services.

Franchise partner profile

Move on!

To satisfy the growing the demand for the DOR-2-DOR services, we are currently seeking new franchisees. If you can demonstrate good management and communication skills, and have been dreaming of being your own boss, then DOR-2-DOR may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

Contact us to find out if our exciting opportunity is the right business for you!


Door Drop Marketing

Open website

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