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Description of franchise system

The key to mannerly dogs and happy owners

A dog is an animal with a strong character and instincts. A dog will always be man's best friend, but it can be hard to live with a badly behaving dog - both for the owner and the dog. Dogs are gregarious animals who need guidance from their alpha dog - which should be the owner. Dogtech International supports dog owners in training their beloved animals and eliminating bad behavior.

Our programs are:

  • Puppy Schools
  • Dog Training DVD’s
  • Home set-up
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Group Dog Training
  • Dog Training books
  • Behavior correction
  • In-home Puppy Training
  • Doggy products

The unique Dogtech method is based on a deep understanding of the dog's soul and natural behavior, and motivates dogs positively to change their behavior. That's why we're called 'The Dog Whisperers'. Our gentle training methods are in huge demand from dog owners all over the planet, and we're successfully training dogs in the UK, Australia, Japan, India, the USA, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Our founder has published several bestselling books on our dog training method, and millions of dog owners all over the world are huge fans of Dogtech. Our founder is also a frequent guest at talk shows and on the radio, creating a huge awareness for the Dogtech brand.

Our mission is to enable dog owners to communicate with their dog and create a positive atmosphere. We do what we do because we love dogs. Therefore, Dogtech International supports numerous animal shelters and dog rescue groups, and provide free, regular training to rescued dogs.

Franchise concept

Become a dog whisperer

Read on if you have a passion for dogs and want to contribute to a better communication between man and animal. The dog training industry is continuously expanding all over the world. People have been living with dogs for thousands of years, but today, most people don't know how to train their dog anymore.

That's why most experts are convinced that dog training will be the 'next big business'. All of our franchisees are very happy with their business and the huge earning potential of Dogtech. Running a Dogtech franchise business is highly and enjoyable and personally rewarding for dog lovers. You will make a real difference in the lives of dogs and their owners, and build a valuable business that will work for you and your loved ones over the coming years.

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A Dogtech franchise business is suitable for women, families, and dog lovers from all walks of life. At the moment, we're expanding our franchise network in Australia, and recruiting new Master Franchisees for countries all over the world. Contact us to make positive change in your life!


Dog Training

Open website

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