Dial A Dog Wash

The largest mobile dog grooming business in the UK

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Description of franchise system

A mobile dog parlour

Dial-a-Dog-Wash is the most convenient and successful dog grooming service in the UK. Every year, we groom more than 200.000 dogs - for more than ten years now! Dial-a-Dog-Wash is a mobile dog grooming service that offers its customers lots of flexibility and comfort. The grooming is done in one of our fully equipped, species-appropriate vans right in front of our customer's homes.

To reduce the stress for the dogs, we groom everyone individually without another dog in the van. This is a major advantage over traditional dog pa rlours, where the dogs do not only suffer from the long journey to the, and the stress of the grooming procedure, but also from the presence of other dogs that might make them nervous.

We dry the dogs by hand to avoid the unpleasant experience of cage drying, and we only use the very best products with all natural integrants and good, essential oils. Customer can accompany their best friend during the grooming procedure if they wish so. Dial-a-Dog-Wash offer all the services of a traditional dog parlour, but without the stress. The range of service that we provide includes:

  • Full trims or clips
  • Flea treatment
  • Washing and drying
  • Nail clipping
  • Coat deodorising and conditioning
  • I.D microchipping

Our services are very affordable and everyone involved in Dial-a-Dog-Wash is very reliable. When we started our operation in 1999, it was an instant success, and our company grew very quickly trough our network of motivated franchisees. Recently, Dial-a-Dog-Wash has started global expansion.

Franchise concept

A great business

Our company has experienced an enormous growth, but still, we are not able to satisfy the huge demand for our mobile dog grooming services. This is why we are now offering the opportunity to share in our success. Dial-a-Dog-Wash is a completely different experience for dogs and pet owners.

No stressful travelling, no nervous braking, no time loss. Running a Dial-a-Dog-Wash business is an enjoyable, highly rewarding experience. Dog grooming is a recession-proof business, as the fur of dogs will always have to be groomed, and people don't try to save money when it comes to their beloved dogs. But they will choose to save on saving fuel and call Dial-a-Dog-Wash instead of driving to their present dog parlour.

We provide all of our franchisees with a full, initial training and ongoing support. You will also receive detailed customer information packages. Our franchisees are meeting regularly on our annual conference, where we exchange experiences, find out about new innovations, and motivate each other.

Franchise partner profile

The opportunity

We're very excited about our great franchise opportunity, and we're looking for dog lovers who are as excited about the Dial-a-Dog-Wash business as we are. We are currently offering a limited number of international franchise opportunities and Master Franchises. Contact us to find out more!

Dial A Dog Wash

The largest mobile dog grooming business in the UK

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