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Description of franchise system

Premium service and exceptional results

Dent-Technique specializes in paint-free dent removal. What we offer is the unrivalled, most convenient and cost-effective way to remove dents from the bodywork of vehicles. We're proud of the excellent reputation that we've earned with customers in the general public and the motor trade industry.

Dent-Technique has perfected a unique process for dent removal without painting. Our method is quickly applicable on-site at the customer's place - and we offer a highly competitive pricing! Dent-Technique has also established a “car clinic” at the Leicester head office and training centre, for those customers who prefer to leave their vehicle for attention. Our premium service, combined with reliability means that customers get great value for money.

Due to this, we are first choice for most private motorists and prestige car dealerships. With 27 million cars on the UK’s roads, there is a massive and growing market for our type of service, which is why we are seeking franchisees all over the UK to join us. Every year, there are more and more cars on our roads. Some damaged is unpreventable with so many vehicles on their way.  People want to get the dents removed immediately. Car dealers expect a reasonable price and an excellent job to be performed at their vehicles.

Motorists want the repair to be done by a specially trained professional on time. To make a long story short, customers expect hassle-free superior service. That is exactly what we do. This reliability is the key to our growing success. In the fast changing sector we need more talented and motivated franchisees to push Dent-Technique forward – we hope this could be you!

Franchise concept

Dent-Technique is a mobile franchise that can be run from a home office initially, keeping overheads to a minimum during the early days. Later, as the business expands, franchisees have the option of setting up a permanent “dent removal car clinic” in suitable premises, typically on an industrial estate.

Customers are assured of the same top quality service but with a choice of bringing their vehicle to the clinic or having a ‘home visit’. Our comprehensive training programme covers all the technical and practical aspects of the work, as well as teaching franchisees all they need to know about running their own auto-repair franchise business.

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The benefits of joining us

We are franchising because we believe in sharing success. Dent-Technique offers you a business opportunity in a growing industry. That's why we are looking only for highly motivated franchisees who believe in our vision , exceed our high quality standards and want to succeed.

Anyone who enjoys meeting new people, has a passion for cars and prefers variety in their work, should apply for a Dent-Technique franchise business - it might be just what you've been looking for.


Dent-Technique (UK)

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mobile paintless dent removal

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