Colombiano Coffee House

Colombiano Coffee House offers great meals and tasty beverages for breakfast, lunch or dinner

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Franchise - Colombiano Coffee House

Description of franchise system

Colombiano Coffee House provides its customers with the spice of the Latin Taste, combined with the excitement of the Latin Life, for a completely enjoyable and satisfying experience, a brief pause of happiness in a hectic, stressful and very fast moving world.

Colombiano’s rich history dates back as far as 1923, with the opening of "Coco’s Coffee shop" in Costa Rica. Colombiano Coffee House is based on an old, mythical love story that brought together Coco from Costa Rica, her "Grand Mama", Lomalita, and the love of her life, the Italian gentleman Fabiano. The joining of their names created Co.Lom.Biano.

Business Model
One of the various advantages of Colombiano Coffee House (CCH) is the duality of being a "two in one" concept. Instead of just being a Coffee Shop, Tea Shop or Doughnut Shop Colombiano has extensive experience in the coffee & beverage sector as well as the sandwiches, salads and pasta category. It is this and the inviting friendly atmosphere that has launched Colombiano to ever-growing success.

Franchise concept

In addition to offering customers an authentic and enjoyable experience that is and will be in-demand and in-style for the foreseeable future, Colombiano also offers its potential franchisees an attractive investment opportunity, one that will simplify your life and business responsibilities rather than complicate it.

The coffee shop market is still in its infancy; there are still a lot of opportunities in the business. With CCH, Franchises are now available worldwide where the Coffee business environment in general, and the hospitality sector in particular, offer a great potential.

Territory Franchises are now available for the Middle East and North Africa where the business environment in general, and the hospitality sector in particular, offers a great potential for investors interested to become involved in a highly successful business line which has proven its success worldwide, the coffee house business.

Depending on demographics, territory and special factors, CCH franchisees are expected to develop between 20 to 600 branches in every country (only Multi-Units franchises).

Training and Support
With Colombiano a great franchise opportunity is opened to the potential franchisee. With the Colombiano franchise package, the franchisee will receive the following:

  • CCH provides operation manuals and business development plans that take away the guess work and reduces the usual risks involved in any start up business.
  • Each CCH has a fixed start up investment and running costs that are properly evaluated with the exception of variations in the location and size of the real estate.
  • All CCH branches are located in prime, high traffic areas, which are an essential basis for its success.
  • The CCH Franchisee can expect training support at the pre-launch phase and continued monitoring and upgrading support as time goes by.
  • The CCH Franchisee will benefit from a general outline of every detail of the house decoration, furniture, menus, operations and management procedures.
  • As such, every CCH, regardless of city and location, will have the same feel, concept, menu, service, and standard as any other CCH, which helps create a regional image.
  • The Franchisee will also appreciate the support provided during the profiling and selection process of the coffee house staff and other Human Resources requirements, at all levels for the CCH branches.
  • Since the success of every business depends on the skills and professionalism of its management and employees, even the training manuals for personnel and staff, needed to comply with the high standards of CCH , are also provided to the franchisee.
  • The CCH franchisee will also receive a master marketing plan outlining the recommended marketing guidelines and procedures, making it simple for local adaptation in every territory.
  • A staff incentive plan based on performance and efficiency is also recommended by the Franchisor, with the purpose of making all CCH branch members in the territory feel that they are part of one large CCH family.
  • Being part of the CCH family also means that the Franchisee is part of a strong and growing international group and can enjoy the continued support, backing and know how of a large number of people, committed to the success of CCH.

Franchise partner profile

As Franchisors, Colombiano cares about their long term successful relationship with the Franchisee and consequently look for the entrepreneur that best satisfies the following criteria:

  • Good standing in the society where the investment and development will take place.
  • Financial Stability.
  • Management Expertise
  • Historical Success
  • Strategic Vision

Colombiano Coffee House

Colombiano Coffee House offers great meals and tasty beverages for breakfast, lunch or dinner

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